Trippin’ it up a notch

Back a month or so ago I was running on almost a daily basis with my wife; then I with my newly TR’d Fighter and she with her Arti. Considering the XP gap she ended up hitting 20 with me one bubble into level 19. After that I’ve ran with her with another one of my Arti’s and also my Sorc; she kind of like running with my sorc since it’s the kind of swish swosh blam to your face type sorcs and all she had to do was to stand there in Time is Money and wait for death to come and me to swish swosh back, deliver a few polar rays and acid blasts and them move on.

Quick, 20k or so XP and then rinse and repeat. Until they ‘nerfed’ the XP and now you get half. Kind of chucks considering some were bragging about their 5k a minute.

I decided to get my fighter up to spec. I did so running a lot of level 20 Time is Money. Not quite the 20k+ stuff but it helped and after a hair raising amount of times I finally hit 20 and could start using ‘the good stuff’ and level its destiny.

Even at this tier 3-4 stage Antique Greataxe together with all the other stuff delivers a lot of trips and headsmashing that makes me grin everytime I smack someone on their behind and expire them.

So far I’ve managed to upgrade spare hands (Epic) completely and I’m working on the Ring of Stalker. After that I’ll move onto getting the seal (ring) out of the Drow chain, the Purple Knight set and the trinket and by the time the Raid finally goes live I hope to pull a greataxe. Just for kicks and giggles since the random aspect of those ‘artifacts’ makes them either okay or complete nonsense.

I don’t think the devs have figured it out yet; control makes for better items – the grind is in getting the mats or the chance to pull it. Random makes for unhappy customers – see DT before they changed it to visible runes (and it still chucks which is why I haven’t bothered trying to get the ideal set yet.

What I hope is to be able to pull a seal that has the vertigo on it together with Str to make my trips even harder to resist. Right now I’m doing really good and my hope is to be almost foolproof. I’m kind of miffed that none of the new items have any kind of augment slots whatsoever. You’d hope there was something so you could look forward to ‘customizing’ some of them, but for now I kind of have to live with the fact that it is what it is.

Maybe Turbine will get the idea and add some kind of ‘craftability’ into the gear – like swapping features – just so people can happily go on grinding for that ultimate combination.

2 thoughts on “Trippin’ it up a notch

  1. Micki

    🙂 I sorta enjoy the posts the most where you write about the time you and your wife run together. So, a month or so ago you were running together almost daily.. then what happened?


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