My latest axe report.

I feel good. Granted I’m only running on normal, but then I don’t mind running it on hard and elite with groups. One reason why I don’t do it on anything harder is that hirelings sux. They just do. They’ll stand there and die with a dumb grin on their faces. That’s the hireling way.

So doing things on hard if you can’t self heal is to invite disaster.

But it’s fun do be (almost) a fully capped tier 5 fighter. That means that I am 2 bubbles away from another crit to my greataxe. And then 2 more points for something else. So from the barb one I will twist a strength and primal scream and I’m thinking something with healing ability, just tier 1 and 2 stuff to make it cheap and more importantly add some survivability.

I’m looking very much forward to all of that.

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