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When hot fixes are the kind of ‘get off my lawn’ type

When I hear the word hot fix – I’m thinking fixing a serious issue. Like this one had a fix that suppose to take care of a crashing issue – something I’ve been on the recieving end of. But then the hot fix that supposed to fix this crash error turned into a login server crash. So now we’re at ‘state zero’ meaning the game we love is behind a firewall of error that at least won’t suddenly crash and restart my computer but simply won’t even login to give me that opportunity.

it’s alright.

Which gives me some time to reflect on farming Rift – a quest that have some intense moments and that I kind of like. I know; not everyone is a fan of fighting waves of critters  but soloing it sure adds a sense of urgense and the unfortunate need to micro hirelings (for some reason my hireling panther set to agressive likes to hit dancing critters when all I want is to shrine). Also it wasn’t entirely clear to me the first time that I ran it, that I had to hit the portal before it reset every time after each wave. So I ended up wasting dozen or so pots in the end. And fighting that red named huge bug three time. Before I figured it out.

Still haven’t pulled something named out of it and I keep trying. I have a feeling that I have to run it 3 times (entire chain) for a possible end reward and I’m one chain away from the Drow city and one quest from the eveningstar chain before I get that ‘third time’. Not so in demonweb.


Personally I feel that interesting design choices like random demonweb bridges is a interest and intellectually sound concept but flawed in a MMO setting. Simply put time is always of the essence. Meaning have you ever tried to hold a pug together for more than 15 minutes before people start getting mad and want to go home? That’s the issue with web portals. All other maps have set ways of getting to quests. You follow the yellow brick road. Philosophically it suits the place with a certain randomness but it runs into the wall of what’s actually in the best interest of the wilderness. No one likes wasting time. And it gets far worse in a group setting.

That’s why I like the wilderness, love most of the quest but gradually are starting to get really frustrated by this design choice. Eventually we all hate rail shooters but love not to waste time ‘figuring’ it out. Note – that’s why many modern games have auto teleportation between areas along with the traditional ‘lets explore’. Because ‘lets explore’ have a definate expiration date on it while ‘seen that, done that’ feeling of skipping some elements grows strong in people.

Do I want to spend close to 30 minutes in a wilderness while I only have a couple of hours to play or do I want to get cracking?

It’s not the size of the wilderness. It’s how to access it. I mean we all thought Kings Forest was one big confusing mess but eventually we learned how to get to the 3 quests. Same with Underdark and the Drow city. The demonweb have the random feature and that is the cake lost in a labyrinth.

It’s alright for now, but my hope his that Turbine rethink it and streamline it enough so people can either go for ‘explore’ or ‘get on with it’.

But I’m still smelling the roses.

Busy sorcing

There’s a benefit and a negative too playing beta/lam – what’s released come update might actually fix things you didn’t really care for. So I had this idea that I would skip all types of burst, breaths and tier 6. I did. Until I hit tier 5 and decided I wanted to try out acid breath after all. And I’m glad I did because hitting something with 1500-5k in acid damage hurts. And especially when you nail 3-4 critters in a cone. So having tried that I got the idea I wanted fly-by. Now the wings are cute but the damage is lackluster – and more importantly I feel like I should remove it and get something else.

I also did the tier 6 effect where you can get 30 seconds worth of 100/- DR. The road there is long and I will change it. I just don’t see myself ever be able to use it since you can only get counters by damage something using conjuration and evocation spells and only under draconic fury. It doesn’t happen enough – in fact the 20 seconds of draconic fury have a very long timer so you can imagine how often that’ll happen. Truth being since that it resets when you shrine it’s near impossible that you’ll see it.

So I’m going for max Char instead and I will try breath with breath effect (ability to paralyze/stun etc) and if that doesn’t work I’ll put a point towards secondary elemental power damage (cold).

I did twist the tier 2 draconic +2 conjuration since I’m not doing magister. And I will move that all the way up to level 4 so I get the +3 DC (evocation or conjuration) and then unlock another fate slot so I can use the magister +3 DC and a +1 charisma (tier 1) then unlock 3 more levels of bard then the divine angel thingie until I have the +10% tier 1 more SP.

Funny thing; A guy was sending a trade through the trade channel – he wanted to trade his insightful Charisma +3 Spidersilk robes for a Insightful Intelligence +3 instead and he was doing it a whole day long. So I sent a tell asking him where he got it and what chest. It’s the firt optional in Trial of Fury. So I go in on hard and pulls a Insightful Intelligence +3 right away and we trade. And it’s nice when you pop up to 46 in charisma. It sure helps. I’m currently back to 42 since I’m doing the magister destiny now and when they release the next patch I will take level 24 and add another Charisma ability point plus epic conjuration feat. That together with the ML 24 Charisma +8 helmet will be a nice little thing to add until I pull the rift trinket that can add charisma as a stat bonus.

The spidersilk robes is pretty nice if you haven’t seen it – it has a random ability bonus that can either be ability +8 or insightful ability +3. The rest is Wiz IX, spell pen IX and resist. Which makes your caster pretty darn good. That means however that I can’t use my Challenge tunic that adds glaciation 90 and Superior nice lore. So I made myself a trinket that adds Major ice lore. I might lose some crit chance but the crit damage remains the same. The reason why I do that is because I also pulled a random staff that has glaciation and corrossion on it and some other stuff adding a nice boost to my overall damage. All in all I’ve seen sub 1k to 2k acid hits and the same range on cold damage.

i’m seriously thinking about going back to two scepters if it can add impulse and superior kinetic lore and something like corrossion with superior ice lore. That would add all the types of damage that I’d like to do.

In the end my sorc will be able to hit 50 something in Charisma including impressive DC in conjuration and evocation and dish out a steady average damage approaching 1k in acid and cold.