Advancing blows and all that jazz

So they say that the crit giving feat is not working, that it doesn’t add +1 to the crit threat on 19+ – I couldn’t tell to be honest. When my fighter starts swinging the crits land for 500+ all the way up to 800-900 when the advancing blows start stacking. 1200+ if the critter is helpless. Which kind of makes me want to make a earthgrab greataxe to add to my arsenal, just for giggles. But I realize that maybe it’s better for me to concentrate on getting something else instead like a HP necklace.

Right now I’m using a ToD Necklance that gives +2 to hits and dams together with the ring, but as soon as I pull a seal with Vertigo, that’ll change. Which will give me the opportunity to swap out the necklace for something else, and I’m thinking HP for tier 2 and 3 and greater acid resist for teir 1. There’s a reason behind the madness as usual; if my guy dies (and he does when the hireling decides to go derp) it’s nice to have at least one perma resist. Especially since there’s so much in the game now that does acid damage. From the mighty green dragon to about every single Drow ranger and that purple worm thingy.

So knowing that I can negate that and have a lil’ more HP in the process is a good thing. A triple earth GS item will also provide earthgrab guard and 2 earth golems. The summons isn’t that big of a deal; they’ll break almost right away in high end content, but the earthgrab guard does proc fairly reliably.

I’m still working on the 2 last pieces of my purple knight set. I have 8 accomendations and need 7 more. I keep pulling war wizard and villagers and trading for cider and haste pots. It would be nice if they had a 2 for 1 trade in possibility as well since you have a total of 5 categories and the chance of pulling the right one isn’t all that big. Sure – you could do the first chain over and over for the end reward, but that type of grind will drain you mentally more then anything. It would be different if it was like the madness chain or Carnival, where most of the quest are close by, but in order to do these 4 quests you have to run around in the Kings Forest alot and that’ll bleed your time.

On top of that I’d love to do the new raid, but it seems to be such a lengthy one and so buggy that I don’t feel like wasting my time just to get to the end and get snubbed; either by not being able to complete or pull chests filled with vendor trash.


3 thoughts on “Advancing blows and all that jazz

  1. Samiusbot

    I dd the first chain over and over as you said to get my purple set, but if all you want is the set rock the first and last quest in the chain they have good shots at the purple commendation and are fairly quick.

    Also moving into the 2nd and 3rd chain purples seem to drop less then wizard and clr commendations. But if you can get some of the 2nd chain quests down fast enough you can spam those chests.

  2. deahamlet

    @Samiusbot: thanx for the tip! I want those on my FvS. In general fastest way to get commendations I found was during chest farming in Death Undone, Trial by Fury, and The deal and the demon… but as you said, way fewer purple ones there (but great for cleric and wizard and druid I found).


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