Real life into high fantasy (part 1)

Dakuuluns heavy armored boots made the airships deck groan under the stress. He was hanging out by the bar, striking up a simpleminded conversation with the half naked barman. The guy behind the small bar disk first cleaned out a mug with his dirty towel then poured himself a foamy cup of ale; their conversation was short, devoid of full sentences and involved more head gestures than words.


The half Orc nodded.

‘Mmm, cold’ he licked foam from his lips and tusks.

‘Ain’t it?’ approved the barman.

‘How?’ asked Dakuulun

The barman laughed and slapped the metal device on the short bar disk.

‘Secret huh?’

‘Yep’, adding a nod.

Sunlight pierced the few clouds at their altitude and reflected off the brass tubing and through the elemental ring that made the ship stay in the air. It was a great day. Not to cold and not too hot. Perfect considering the bulky purple knights armor. The half orc gazed at the sun again then back to the Amber froth in the mug. Where is that wooden man? Always late, he thought.

With a metallic bark Deconbots pet emerged from the lower deck with a goofy look on its maw. It always did. Where other pets had a menacing appearance the deep and bright pink runes on the pets metal body made it together with that indescribable almost half witted way it cocked its head simply laughable. Seconds after the warforged slammed open the doors, covered its eyes from the glare of the sun.

‘Sorry if I’m late’


‘I was stuck in a screen – must be the portal connection’

‘It’s the same for everyone’

Yours always seems faster’

‘It’s the same that leads to this boat’ explained the half orc patiently as if they have had this conversation many times.

‘So you say, but it always takes me forever’

‘Me too’ tried the half breed.

‘Hmm – where is he this time’ meaning the pet, who had run off to beat on the training dummy top deck. Dakuulun pointed and the warforged grinned. ‘Silly thing’.

‘So what are we doing today?’ asked the living construct.

‘I’m thinking underdark’

‘Under what?’


‘Sound unpleasant’ added the Warforged.

‘I’m sure it is’, replied Dakuulun.

‘Oh, wait – before we leave…’


‘Can you help me sell?’

‘I guess, watcha have?’ he sighed.

‘Let’s see – greataxe of something sonic something something – it has’

‘Never mind’ The fighter rolled his eyes.

‘Okay’ – Dakuulun dug in the warforged rucksack and pulled at the items hanging from the constructs tool belt.

At the same rate as he handed over the items to the barman he said ‘Sell, sell, sell, keep for someone else, try to auction, nah sell’ and he did so for the many items.

‘Yuck’ he pulled out a little bag of something that look like bird shit. ‘What is this?’

‘Oh’ stated the Warforged, ‘I found it in a chest, thought it was important’.

The fighter grimaced. ‘Seriously’ and handed it over to the barman who were in the act of taking another swig and made a face while he finger and thumb pinched the little bag and dropped it into a barrel to the side with all the other stuff they were selling and threw a few more coins on the table.

‘There you go’ the half orc said and pointed at the money. ‘Let’s touch the shrines and get the praise and wards from the stuff so we can get a move on’.

‘All of them?’ asked them Warforged.

‘All’ grumbled the fighter as if he had said the same thing times before.


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