Standing around then raidin’

It took a good hour for caught in the web to fill; my first since Beta. I didn’t feel like doing one until it was somewhat working – which is a good thing. Because 1 hour waiting and 1 hour finishing just to have it bug out would a lil much but we finished, only due to the willingness of our healers to blow resources.

It’s not us fighters didn’t do our job; tripping turned out to be very useful and it’s clear that a lot of fighters/melee really don’t bother with it. Yet everything from orange named down to  spiders ended up flat on their bellies. And if you can trip a strider or a spider, then you got something good.

However caught in the web is ultimately not fun and here are the reasons why.

First off this is largely a escort mission dependent on a person who have several quest ending glitches. While they certainly have worked hard on fixing them the more experienced players had to constantly explain what not to do with Ana because she is still sorta derp.

Second, the first part sets you up for what will be a repeated pattern of not fun. Like being slapped around by Lolths legs. Until you fly off ledges and die. Yes – you don’t just leash back or end up somewhere else. You die. And with death comes no buffs (such as resists) and with with death comes more resource waste. Again; a heavy burdon on healers.

This goes on for a while; you kill a leg, the leg turns into a giant soul bug and you fight some spiders. It all sucks tons of resources, lots of people die from falling off the platform and the fight itself just goes on forever. It’s not very rewarding, very frustrating and there’s nothing especially tactical you can do either. You also fight Lolth. You do that by standing at the very edge of the platform smacking the thin air close to her body (no feedback) and she’ll shoot these beams that cause curses, so have anti-curse pots.

Then you start running and now the less fun part starts. It’s alright if you only face one RED NAMED priestess because you can potentially agro her and then the rest of the group kill her followers. That way when you finally kill her she won’t regain health by killing a follower. But you can’t do that when you face 3-4 of them and you can’t see any of the followers (they’re elsewhere). So now you start hitting one while the others spam cometfall and as you get her hitpoints down she kills these far away followers and you have another resource drain.

So after hammering away at these several priestesses and done the side mission where Ana destroyes these power nodes/globes/whatever you’re now at the worst end game I’ve ever played.

Waves after wave of portal keepers – and yes – more red named priestesses that draw life from other followers. And you have to fight Lolth, standing by the edge, fighting thin air getting beamed down on. You will die; the constant spamming from priestness cometfall and over run by all types of portal keepers (small deamons, rangers, casters, large demons…) over and over and the healers wastes even more resources.

And finally you might or might not make it (again – all about the willingness for the casters to use resources) you profit.

You get a bunch of chests based on optionals (whatever they might be) and only one seems to have any named items in them. The rest does not. Just boring junk. And the end reward from Elminster is similarly boring. All in all it feels very unrewarding. Only chests in the end (which means it’s all or nothing) and one chest with possible named while the rest is junk.

There’s nothing tactical about this raid. When you introduce red named with such a stupid feature like draining life force from followers no one can see or combat and you add 2-3 more you get HP grind. All you do is stand and hit on the same person until all followers are done. Then you do the next and the next. And all the healers do is blow resources by masshealing and such the group pounding relentlessly on the same red named priestess until it’s over.

No tactics, just DPS. Over and over and over.

This raid unlike all other raids is just chaos and being able to beat something down as quickly as possible. It’s not like any other raid that have tactics in them. Forget tactics. Just smack, smack, heal, smack, more smacking, more smacking, more healing until you exhausted from the constant running and smacking maybe get something out of it.

Now comes the worst part; IF you pull something it’ll all be completely random. The item you get have a bunch of features on them and no two are alike. Which means you might get the dog end of the named item with features you’ll never use nor care for.

So all the time you grind for the item might give you something you dont desire. Now I will do it again for the chance of that named item, but this is not your shroud, VoD, Hound or whatever raid where you learn tactics and you execute more or less flawlessly based on that.

This is pure agonizing chaos with all or nothing rewards.


3 thoughts on “Standing around then raidin’

  1. RondaDouglas

    Perchance has anyone tried using the boots of anchoring on the platform? just to see if it stops being tossed…. just a thought.

  2. Evennote

    Boots of Anchoring prevent you from being banished. As far as I know, they have no effect whatsoever on whether you can be tossed off ledges.


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