Stalking the wines.

I’ve soloed the new update 15 chain more then I have played it in group – but at least in group I did 2 quests and on EH, which didn’t make me pull anything better but at least it was a fast romp adding 50k worth of XP overall and more level 25 loot I will try to AH but never use.

And trip is still very much useful; I ended up effectivly neutralize any orange or regular named druid/dryad casters. So while I had to run in circle surviving the hard hitting dire bears in the one where you destroy some corrupted bushes and fights tons of bears and find corrupted seeds (or whatever), I always tripped the named guy and killed everything else before circling back to said ‘laying flat on his back’ caster.

It’s effective in more ways then one. Now apparently it’s a lil different fighting everything else. You obviously can’t trip wisps, wine plants and anything else, so the only option there is maximum force. You can web them and neg level them, but when I solo with my fighter that’s kind of not an option. Which makes me want to waste some mats and add a earthgrabe GS greataxe; there’s plenty of stuff that takes acid damage and the earthgrab effect is helpful.

Other then that I really don’t know what I can get out of the new quests that’ll benefit my fighter so it’s essentially to pull something like the wraps or runearm for my other toons.

The good thing is that these quests are all in Eveningstar; no need to waste time running around in King’s Forest or underdark. We’re talking about a lil over an hour for 4 quests as long as you know what to do. And that works just fine for me. Count on the new quest chain being the goto for getting accommondations since you get 3 of whatever kind you want as the only end reward. You don’t even get a pick of named items after 3 chains done. Only 3 of whatever you’d like, so being able to unlock your set will now be a matter of 5-7 chain runs and you’ re done.


3 thoughts on “Stalking the wines.

  1. deahamlet

    The wisps are immune to lightning and acid :((((.
    I remember ice getting yellow numbers, I think. I don’t have any toon that uses fire so I don’t know about that.

  2. patang01

    Use the force luke 😉

    The nice thing about the Antique great axe is that against Wisps it’s a massive butter knife.


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