Son of a…and why am I complaining

Back before level 21+ I managed to scrape together many level 20 toons. I mean the idea of TR2+ seemed like the fun of doing another TR but one that took twice as long. I know, some love that stuff but hammering the same quest over and over solo is not the kind of experience that drips of ‘fun’. So I spent my time making more level 20’s instead.

So now I’m on my second level 20+ toon with more then one destiny stored away and working on and off on twisting things. Yeah; fun times. Only good point is that much of this happens while I’m still trying to pull X named item and other stuff; so one mans grind is also one mans trial to find the good things.

But while I ran a truck ton of U15 quests on my fighter, I couldn’t pull one single named item. Not when I ran it normal and not even hard with friends. So obviously I’ve already pulled two when I ran it on normal with my Sorc.

So why am I complaining? Well in a odd sort of way I’m not. It’s just that my sorc is done until I find the strength or interest in hammering out multiple destinies to get that ‘one thing’ I have left. Meanwhile I’m ‘almost’ done with my fighter. Almost since I only need 2 more fate points and I’m already working on the barb destiny for those tier 1 stuff I want.

Why only tier 1? Because a fully growling and drooling fighter does enough DPS and I don’t feel like spending a lifetime to squeeze out a few more fate points for the odd lil’ ability I might get out of it. I have enough buttons to push. So right now I’m looking for tunnel vision for additional raged DPS, the healing thingy that ticks every minute (why not) and perhaps primal scream (or whatever it’s called). 3 simple low tier twists without me having to worry a lot about some extra special abilities.

I’m still hoping to pull the runearm and I’d like to pull the elite version, but I can’t solo elite and I don’t know a group good enough to help me farm for it.


2 thoughts on “Son of a…and why am I complaining

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Fast Healing is excellent, and i’m really enJoying Tunnel Vision on my ranger once i found out that the Rage spell and Primal Scream both count as “raged” for purposes of FotW abilities… can’t wait to get to “Sense Weakness”!


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