This weekend I ran a trunk ton of stuff with my wife; I wanted to take advantage of the loot bonus and she recognized a opportunity to cash out herself. Firts I ran with her on my Horc, adding a few more tiers and a lil’ more on the barb destiny and afterwards on my Sorc. She really liked running with my sorc since he can self buff and just about nail anything with a assortment of brutal spells.

In the end my wife pulled two stone heart docents, a planar focus with +3 insightful wisdom and a spidersilk robe – sold most of the stuff (gave the planar focus to me since I could use it) and in return I got her a stone heart with +8 intelligence, planar focus with +3 insightful intelligence, the level 22 version of corruption of nature (rune arm) and other stuff (including some of the wiz set). And she also learned to include tactical detonation in her rotation of stuff to blow up things with.

Adding a few more randomly pulled but very awesome repeater she’s now in love with a repeater with lightning strike, fiery detonation and that adds 1d6 light damage. It’s always nice when you see the lightning strike proc followed by a life busting full smackdown of acid rune-armery.

Along with the named stuff we also pulled tons of random goodies, like +8 to stat, 120 spell power items and insightful +2 items. Some that we sold (or trying to) and other things I’ve banked.

One thing I managed to do was to add was a corrosion 120 1 handed item and one of Ice speciality with 120 in glacial spell power and 12% superior ice lore. That together with the challenge boots makes my caster sport maximum amoung of destructive spell power and my wife can even cast enchant weapons on my sorc for that added spell power boost.

That’s why it’s always nice to see the big 1500+ acid blast crits and the 8k acid breath crits. And round that off with 2k easy for the cold gob smackers.

On the arti side my wife can now don a impulse 72 helmet I found (until I find a better one) that will increase the damage output of anything force based and blade barrier, 102 in spell power to acid from her rune arm and a repeater with a lot of juice. I still would like a better crit chance for her force based stuff, but at least she’s maxing with acid – and there’s plenty of stuff that takes acid damage. Plus you don’t have to suffer reflex saves with acid or force based rune arms.

She’s now high tier enough to pull out the wiz destiny pet – in her case a living meteor storm spell. That guy likes to throw tons of meteor storms and comet falls and they’re effective enough to trip critters. I wish it was still possible for the draconic to boost rune arm damage since that’s one of the few ways for  a arti to stay competitative in late game content with other classes. Truth being that while arti’s are good they’re more less a support class in late game stuff and they just can’t compete with the 800-1000 crits that a fully stompin’ fighter can do or the 1500+ easy from a caster.

Hopefully this will change with the release of a more focused arti destiny, one that have the good sense to boost rune arm output as well.


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