Cormyrian challenge loot, grind upon grind

Shroud is a grind. Lord of Blades is a grind. SoS and the likes are grinds. But the new challenge loot have more in common with dragontouchen then any other stuff. Even Cannith stuff is a peak shaper and closer to shroud than Eveningstar because the Eveningstar shares something with dragontouched that most people hate – a lottery.

See the lottery should be a matter of joining and waiting for profit. You pay, you have your chance at the big bucks and you cash out. It shouldn’t be about first grinding and then get dissapointed. It’s not as bad with dragontouched as it used to be; now you see what the run is before you apply it – you simply have to run it x amount of times before you get what you want. And that is grind.

It’s different with Cormyrian. Here you first grind for mats (like Cannith challenge) then you get several random effects on a item. Not just one random effect but up to 4 on weapons. And the system grants you items that are just a beat up from random loot.

Sure – they advertise that you get 4 (read FOUR) effects but what you don’t control is what they are. And unlike dragontouched you can’t just override one in order to get something better – you destroy the entire item and get some mats back. And most of them are bound on Aquire – so it’s either garbage for that toon or useful and most of the combination comes out as garbage.

Like my repeater. The 2d6 acid as first ability (goodish), cacaphony as second (okay), Vertigo +10 (useless but when it’s fixed it’ll still be another useless feature) and finally silver. That’s right. Tons of runs later I have a horrible item that is not even better then my ML 12 greensteel. How is this possible? It’s possible through the idiotic function of random stuff – most of which forms worthless items.

With greensteel and LoB you have to randomly pull the mat but once you have what you need you can at least make whatever you want.

Not with these challenges. It’s a hit or miss with a large percentage of meh and a bigger portion of GAH then wow.

A much better system would be a semi crafting version. You put together (more) mats and craft – it gives you 5 choices per ability and you pick from the random choices (no duplicates) what you like. That adds diversity and at least gives you the ability to form a much better item then random crap.

And they have to add a caster scepter that makes sense. I mean if you make a staff then make it element specific with added random. With one main spell power that match the lore. (or hey – give us the choices again). The scepter would also be either choice or element specific with a added third or so effect.

If not I rather grind the Cannith way; I know what I’m getting and I just have to drone through the same stuff over and over. This reminds me of the so called powerful artifacts from caught in the web. Same story; semi set features and a bunch of random stuff that IF you’re lucky enough to pull one you are most likely get a combo that’ll have you cry on the inside and scream on the outside.

This is the perfect way for devs to tell us to go play something else other then Eveningstar challenges and Caught in the Web.


One thought on “Cormyrian challenge loot, grind upon grind

  1. redcastle73a

    And this is why I don’t grind this stuff. With Shroud and Dragontouched I have been very lucky in getting the materials/runes I needed in a reasonably short period of time. Grinding over and over isn’t fun. If I want a grind I’ll go to work.


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