Weekend runnin’

I spent a surprising amount of time running stuff with my wife, this time on my Arti. I don’t know why; perhaps I didn’t want to waste the time running on something I didn’t want to level more destinies on (for now) but I felt like I wanted to do something about my human arti.

First it was boring – Arti’s are so behind on the DPS curve in late game quests and especially if you cater to Toven’s Hammer – but later on with a good repeater and a lil’ more on Evocation you can produce some good stuff. My wife does well with her Corruption of Nature and she even surprised me by saying ‘I can run sideways’ by holding down the scroll button (although the right mouse is much safer). So I told her how by holding down right button you can strafe and more efficiently run in a circle shooting, as suppose to just backwards.

My wife demonstrated the peril of running backwards in the demonweb by running backwards off a cliff and separating herself from my guy for about 10 minutes. The idea of telling her ‘stay there’ generally didn’t get through so when I finally got to where she was first, she had already moved on. It’s frustrating but after I got tired and started just diving off cliffs we both ended up on the same platform and close to Rift, the final quest.

I still feel slightly behind the DPS curve, but with a Spidersilk Robe and a lil’ sharper equipment wise I am at least somewhat closer in regards to being able to use both magic AND shootin’ to combine okay enough DPS. Especially since I have a impulse helmet (90 spell power) and the Epic challenge bracers and I baked a greater Kinetic lore onto my dreamy runearm (force based) so I can get a 18% crit chance with force and 21% crit chance with electric.

Only problem with Toven’s is that pretty much everything gets a reflex save and I don’t know how to bridge that gap, regardless how much I put on Intelligence and I’m not sure of the Evocation stuff on the wiz destiny improves it. We’ll see. Right now I’m running challenges in order to get myself a level 24 repeater for when I hit that level – and hopefully lady random luck blesses me with something useful.


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