Pandemonium – the smart way

I’ve grown fond of the idea of always coming up with new ideas to tackle specific quests and when I pulled a handwrap with boreal and something else that procced ice wise on 20, I wanted to put a new tactic in play doing Ring of Fire. Ring of Fire is a Eveningstar challenge inside the cave and it is 3 waves fire based creatures (mostly) with the only thing not being fire based are those ‘farting’ demon creatures – in fact they don’t take cold damage at all but are general easy enough to kill. What makes cold however very useful is the fact that other then that creature, everything else is waves of fire based spiders, doggies, elementals and even boss and the odd Hezrau thrown in for good measures.

So adding cold or using cold weapons always pays off. At first I used a force burst of pure good with added festival cold burst, but the boreal ones turned out to do good as well, since when the cold thing procs it hits everything around you with cold damage. Secondly I started using the level 22 Favored soul hireling; it has judgement. By throwing judgement at one of the demon creatures, or demon doggies you simply have to nail it and everything else around you take good damage when it ‘explodes’. Combine that with the tier 5 Monk AOE and you have 2 rapid AOEs with first force based damage for about 300-400 and then a similar hit with good damage. Enough to rapidly destroy a wave (other than say the spiders).


As such I could comfortably nail a wave, build up the heal thingy (light monk) destroy them and then hit my hireling and me with a 60-80 worth of healed HP. Rinse and repeat. So far it has worked out nicely and when we can finally do the winter thingy again it’ll be nice to see if we can still add ice damage to all randomly pulled items. If that’s the case I have a feeling I’ll have an even sharper Ring of Fire beater.


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