So many alts, such great differense

My wife have one character – a arti. It’s level 24 at the moment heading quickly towards 25.

So far I’ve run my two arti’s with her (my warforge one briefly), my sorc, fighter and monk.

She loved running with my sorc. Self buffing, very quick to hold and destroy stuff and over all easy for her to deal with. She didn’t care for my fighter that much because well – she ended having to buff everything. Likewise with my monk. But I think the biggest differense is that my monk isn’t as destructive as say my fighter or sorc.

It’s not that my monk is bad; far from it – but stunning and smacking is quite different from the cleave, trip and mayhem of my fighter and the web and acid melting of my sorc. On a scale my fighter can crit in the 400-1200s when a good crit for my monk lands around 2oo. Stunned and all.

But then I wouldn’t make the mistake of comparing all of my alts and expect similar results. But one thing is clear; while my monk is selfsufficient it won’t be doing hard or elite is quite the same fashion as a fully upgraded horc fighter. Nor will it have the same ability to hold and destroy en masse like my sorc. Which is similar to my arti’s. I love em but they’re not ‘as’ capable in quick destruction like a sorc or fighter. Probably because they best they can hope for is a tactical detonation that knocks an opponent down, but they don’t have the brutal mass destructibility which makes most of what they do fairly targeted (sure – there’s Toven’s Hammer but the reflex save ruins that).

But I still love it; I’m not even close to be done with my monk – working on the second destiny right now and all the way over to the barbarian one. My idea is to get sense weakness and a few more things and do lots more stun damage as a result. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the most out of my stunning capability and I farm for the seal almost every day. I’ve pulled one but that was with Vertigo so not very useful.


One thought on “So many alts, such great differense

  1. Micki

    🙂 I’ve got a lvl 18 sorc and a lvl 18 monk. I recently started shrouding with them and I ran the sorc through Web of chaos and am currently ip running my monk. Monk’s much more durable, but doesn’t do as much damage and isn’t self healing (cept with scrolls) or self buffing. So I like them both, but still find the sorc more fun to play 🙂


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