Going back to the roots

So I started solo leveling my FvS destiny and it’s the first char I ever made and TR’d and one that has the most gear. Like 2 con op item and the torc and about everything that makes it a solid self sufficient evoker. Except now with the level 21+ stuff he’s incomplete and in worse shape DPS wise compared to my trusted sorc or horc.

There’s 2 reasons for that – one that can easily be resolved and one that can’t.

First blade barriers. With the new system where everything untyped is baked into impulse (force) it’s better. It’s possible for a FvS/Cleric to get 12% crit on blade barriers with 120 spell power. Sure – it can’t be boosted with enhancements but this is far better than before, where it was limited by potency (50%) and maybe a green blade (greater arcane lore). This can now be as easy as getting your hands on a scepter with 120 spell power and 12% crit chance. Done.

But now the limiting factor is actually the one thing divines are suppose to be good at – light damage. Limited in the sense that unlike with impulse that you can find on random drops, radiance type stuff do not come in a combination of radiance and lore.

In fact lore only comes on armor or shield and you can find stuff with radiance separately. Which again means that if you want the lore you have to get high end items or use something like green blade, and radiance can be find on stuff like staffs and scepters but never with lore. So what’s the problem you wonder.

It’s one more item to slot. I could say get a shield with superior radiance lore followed by a helmet or something with radiance. Which means I have to remove something. Unlike if there were scepters – I could use a radiance scepter with a impulse and call it a day. So the solution as I see it is to make a Alchemical scepter – one that combines fire and radiance – so if I use firebased spells I can boost that as well as radiance. I still need to fit something with more radiance (if I want to boost it up from 90 to 120 in spell power) but at least I can cover both fire, light and impulse, adding as much power as possible.

Which brings me to the bummer; the relic. If I want to screw me over I can always get the relic. Sure – it has greater arcane lore and potency 80 but it’s a step down crit and spell power wise to use that instead of two scepter. Which means I have to downgrade myself from using the set bonus. All in all – there should be a scepter option both for relics and Cormyrian loot so that there’s a lil’ more flexibility to combine the focus with the conflux for casters.

As it stands I notice the differense; with fewer resources my sorc can blow things apart like a champ and with lots of resources and time my FvS can barely accomplish the same.


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