Cleave this!

Sometimes I prove to myself just how terribly destructive one class can be over another. Monk is finesse. A triangulated coordination between strikes, stuns, heals, some other stuff and speed. And as such I can solo it, but I have to do a lot of strikes, stuns, some other stuff and speed.

My fighter is cleaves, trips, cleaves and mayhem. Not finesse. Playing one of the challenges at level 27 I ran slowly (30% striding speed unlike the 60% of my monk) from one side to the other and made drows scream in terror. With crits often hitting over 1000+ barely had I tripped a caster before he vanished under blows. I even managed to kill off 2 of the rare in a flurry of blows.

No wonder I feel a slight sigh coming over me as I try to unlock my FvS and Monk destiny and work on others. Because the road is longer; maybe sometimes more elegant. Whereas even working on my second destiny with my fighter is that of a brutal, swinging, bloody mess with over confident drows running in fear as he scream ‘stand still you little red eyed twig ’cause I’m comin’ fer you’ (I always imagine my horc speaking with a Scottish accent. That would be cool’)

Even my wife have grown fond of having my fighter around because she realizes that even if she have to buff him, the amount of bolts she have to conjure is infinite less.


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