Deconstructing fear

Back in the early launch of Menace, taking my first stumbling steps with my fighter through drow infested dungeons and quests I discovered that drow casters like to spam very irritating stuff that makes it hard for fighters to do what they’re good at. Like smacking things in the face, cleave like a clumsy ballerina or trip things. Further more, I learned early that Priestesses liked to drain life from nearby stuff in order to continue doing the things my fighter hated – which was fear, stun, hold, cometfall in a endless cycle of dread designed to debilitate and hurt.


Worst of all is fear. Comet fall chucks because it trips you but if you’re good you can avoid it. Hold sux too but it’s relatively temporary and stun is even shorter than hold. But fear will have you run at half speed unable to do stuff and it’s part of the cycle of fear, hold, cometfall, stun. So if you didn’t have the fear part you’d have a few seconds free to do harm. But if you’re feared then you go through the cycle of pain until you go down.


My Solution was simple; get a Epic ring of stalker, slot a immunity to fear, trip the orange named priestess and clean up everything else with a grin screaming ‘Come heeer you wee lil’ piggies’ with a Scottish accent (of course) while the overconfident drow now runs in panic as they realize that their cruel terror kitty is sprawled on the ground flailing and can’t make their jobs easier.


But to be honest I forgot all about that particular problem since my Sorc with his high save wasn’t bothered by (almost) anything. Sure, the odd stun now and then but then he was usually the executor of holding them rather then them holding him. And my Arti while suffering some of it also have a high save and could scroll cast spell resist and the blue flare of spell resist always dance around my Monk indicating that between dodges, evades and spell resist the only thing you can do is to punch him in the face. Which usually is followed by a flurry of stuns and punches back which indicates that the tactic of spamming spells and smacks works equally poorly against my Monk. And my FvS wasn’t really bothered by all of it. Sure – he takes it like a S&M afflicted healer in order to dynamo all the SP (2 con op and torc) but with an all immunity GS helmet things like fear just doesn’t phase him.


But that was not true with my ranger. See I had forgotten the lesson learned with my fighter and ran headlong into trouble of the same order. Not so much the cycle since a good ranger can avoid having to get slapped in the head by comet falls due to ranged ability, but fear still had me run in half pace. And while my fighter had already solved the issue come update 15, those quests REALLY set the record straight. Especially when primal wisps scared the living blue icon over my rangers head out of him. And prolonged a rather short quest into a tortured half pace run backwards to get a shot off and that interrupted a perfect volley of many shots with every single fear.


Sure. I could fix it the way I did with my fighter, but truth be told I like his two ToD rings (for now) that adds tempest and ravager and adds +20% heal amp and +2 insightful strength. I could also find a different solution, but that also meant that I had to change my setup (maybe not radically but at least somewhat) or start running to get that item. Which I didn’t want to since I had the problem right now and needed a good solution as to not suffer through the Menace quests again.


Enter GS deconstruct. Back in the good old days when I first hit 20 on my ranger Shavarath was the highest wilderness of the land and hirelings were stoopid (and still are). So if you dragged yourself and a hireling into this desolate battlefield it would most likely be short lived for both your toon and it’s hired hand. So I did what was only natural; I made sure my ranger was self sufficient. The result was 2 con op items and the torc. One Khopesh that I don’t really use that much, one con op helmet and the torc. Back then I sorta messed up with the helmet (don’t remember why but I think I first envisioned it one way, but realized it would be better to do it another way but stuck with the first way because I didn’t want to mess with the recipe). So in the end I had tier 1 immunities, tier 2 regeneration (1HP/30secs) and tier 3 good guard; as suppose to tier 2 greater healing lore and tier 3 regeneration (1HP/15sec) that I wanted to change to.


So now I deconstructed it and changed it to tier 1 +5 will, tier 2 immunities (including fear) and tier 3 Major healing lore. I still get my SP back, suffer fear no longer and heal crit myself for around 300HP. And that in my book is a simple solution to a problem that only involved changing one item, but improved the item without losing significant benefits.


One thought on “Deconstructing fear

  1. Shindurza

    I had a simple solution too, I switched to undead form, solved a lot of problems. Doesn’t work to well on the ladies though, they’re turned off by the constant smoke coming of my rotting body. 🙂


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