It’s upon us. I wonder if they’re going to show it on Lam before hitting it live? One can always hope. I’m still considering re-speccing my arti just for that time and maybe even my Sorc. All I need is the flame cloak (fully upgraded) and a scepter with combustion 120 so that should exactly be the hardest thing to find. I won’t bother with my fighters/skirmishers or even FvS. Not that my fighter can’t kill something – it’s just not fast enough in a full raid group. At best I would be smacking left overs and most likely that left over would be killed in the process by a greedy caster.

That’s why I prefer my Arti. Fully charged Animus, tactical detonation ready and my triple holy GS repeater. The only fly in the ointment will be the new higher level monsters. My Arti is fast reaching the situation where his DPS is outstripped by critter HP and only a fully 5 shot hit from say the corruption of nature can do some serious damage.

Unless of course you have the relic repeater (which is no good against undead). I could try to make myself a Cormyrian one but the process is so mind numbing and given the different ones I’ve done so far it’ll be very hard to pull something truly good.

Just look at the greataxe I made to my Horc. It had lots of good stuff on it but even with all those goodies it was outstripped in performance by my Epic Antique greataxe.

But I have had a lot of fun with the barbarian adrenaline thingy; you can hit some stuff for 2k worth of damage with some luck. It’s pretty brutal. And I now have the feature where there’s a 33% chance to regain adrenaline on vorpal. Very useful. I still like the fighter destiny better, but I’m checking if this could be the one way to being competative with my ranger. But doing the smacking using loads of adrenaline.


2 thoughts on “Mabarvelous!

  1. PrdPolack

    So, they are testing out the lag before making it life…….as you can probably tell, I am very cynical when it comes to the festivals and special events. They would be fine, if they did not negatively effect the rest of the game (and those who chose not to participate in the event)


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