My first relic

After redoing Caught in the Web one more time I pull my first relic (on my fighter anyways) – the spear. It’s not bad – don’t get me wrong – but my fighter feel a little….monkish swinging it around. I mean, nothing says horc as something big and meaty in your hands. Like a maul – greataxe. Greatsword. A horc fighter in a massive purple knights armor looks so…wimpy with a long spear. And while it doesn’t have the big 600+ crits, it crits more often in the 200-400 range, which might compensate for the loss in raw DPS (I’m not one of those DPS math types so if it looks okay for me it is okay). It does have cloudburst and lightning strike so it comes with some extras.

But it just feels wrong. It would be interesting to see if I can switch my Kensei to it but I doubt it; there are no spears as far as I know and I’m not sure it is considered a ‘staff’ for the purpose of kensei.



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