I’m getting that itch again.

I want to TR. I’m at that point where I’m done milking the same upper quests over and over and my frustration and itchy feet want to travel again (and then I will dread the long walk to 20 and cry rivers over the many stubbed toes getting there).
But this time I want to TR with my wife so I need to pick a first lifer and something that can run in lockstep with her and someone I don’t feel like soloing for myself leaving her char behind. That leaves me with only one – my warforged arti. Which is perfect; I kind of wanted to get that guy fixed up a lil’ and he still need some gear. I mean he’s level 20 and he’s using the madness level 15 something docent for pete sakes and he doesn’t have a single green steel item to his name.

But first I want to make sure my wife finishes off the draconic destiny and maybe a third one (by running the update 16 quests) so she can twist energy burst (requires 7 fate points) and use that as soon as she hits 20 again). And that also allows both her and I to run cannith challenges for mats on our way to 20 – enough to get all those level 20 items done for when we cap again. Like flame cloak etc and then eventually run the epic challenges at level 20 but probably as level 23-24 just to add extra mats as she’ll be rolling good with all those destinies unlocked and maybe even start working on the Ranger one as we hit 20.
One of the reasons why I’d like to TR is the fact that unlocking destinies is hitting a brickwall on all my guys. The repeat penalty is insane – after 4-5 runs done on the same quest it’s starting to add on 20%+ penalty making most runs a time/xp loss in my book. That makes the whole idea of unlocking all those destinies and twisting abilities more of a challenge then to run the same upper end quests over and over.

It’s fine in theory but the idea is marred by how it’s executed and I think a better way would be to add a decaying penalty instead. Like with looted chests. After 7 days you can happily farm them again. Only that you could make a slower decay on heroic quests (so that people don’t run x quests, then wait a couple of days and run them again – most people who TR for a ‘living’ won’t wait that long since the whole point is to reach 20 as quickly as possible). The benefit would be that someone like me unlocking destinies could do one char one week, hitting all those level 20+ quests then as the penalty hits, switch to another and wait for the decay to remove the penalties. That would stop people from ‘abusing’ some quests for a quick level and alternate toons over time.

It’s far better than to ‘force’ someone to TR because there’s not enough level 20 plus quest you’d like to run and maybe stick around and unlock destinies, twist abilities and pull loot. I’d like options; not brickwalls.

And that’s why I’d love to TR with my wife. Hopefully get her on the idea that getting better and improving and trying different classes in the process is more fun that ending up with a doorstop farming loot only.

We’ll see – but I still like the idea of incorporating decay in every single quest so that people who play at a slow pace can redo the same quest throughout their lifetime or for TRing people to move on and level up.

But one thing is for sure; I can’t wait until update 16 hits and the new destiny. I found the perfect thing to twist for my fighter. If I read it right it’s roughly ‘You and nearby allies have x% chance to heal x amount (3 ranks possible) when attacking enemies’. In other words it’s like the monk ability but with the sporadic nature of gaining x amount of HP, but sure better than nothing.

I wish I could join one of those leveling events with my fighter (on Lam) and have a chance to unlock it, twist it and see what it can do for a fighter with a fully unlocked fighter destiny. I’d love to figure out if that’s at all useful before I plunge the time and effort into unlocking it.

There doesn’t seem to be anything else worthwhile for my fighter (maybe ranger but not much in that case other then this healing feature) but it warrants at least a ‘peak’. I am curious to know if this would work for ranged as well as melee but I don’t know if I rather twist this (tier 4) over energy burst on my Arti. It’s a tough call and energy burst makes the need of healing myself redundant if I can just kill everything around me with a nice little AOE.


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