Irony strikes

I wanted to get the final quest in update 16 done to see what kind of end rewards I would pull and while I won’t tell anyone about what I think about all the quests something very ironic happened as I was halfway through the end quest.

A world wide broadcast announced that someone was handing out XP and Kookie was handing out random items.

So I finish the quest, get my end reward and hurry over to both spots. First I get XP that knocks all the destinies out of the park (on my fighter that I switched over to) and then I ended up pulling a bunch of stuff from all the things that was dropped (items and weapons). Some really new cool features.

And then I upgraded and twisted to my hearts content to the things I wrote about yesterday and wanted to try out; that new druid tier 4 thingie that proc’d HP on hit.

I can tell you right now – it’s not worth it. A low level barbarian or ranger auto HP is far more relient then the 10% chance to proc 3d8 HP. In fact the 10 percent felt more like 1-2 percent to me. It happened so seldom that it was more a ‘cute’ feature rather then something you can rely on and definately not worth the hassle and time to twist.

That’s my take anyways – it’s possible that I’m dead wrong and others find it super useful, but it seemed to proc as often as a lightning strike does and that in my book is not competitative with other tier 4 abilities.

Like the barbarian one where you get cold iron and add evil outsider bane to your DPS or the one that adds more damage to held critters. Both of those are worth it. Heck – even a thing like energy burst would be. Sure – you had to add something that boosts a element and then some crit chance, but at least that’s something you could depend on every 30 seconds in addition to all the carnage.

As it stands I won’t be drudging through that destiny just to get that feature – I would only do it for more fate points.


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