I like learnin’ stuff. I like pulling loot. I love new adventures, challenges and most of all – I like the shinies.

But more then anything I like solutions. When Turbine release a new type of ability/feature I always try to figure out how it fits my builds. Because ultimately we all want to improve everything and sharpen the advantage we have over the game.

So the other day my rant basically broke down into 2 type arguments – one in favor of the coming Wizard Orb (Epic Normal Glaciation version) OR use Twilight that is getting an improvement in the upcoming update.

Not to rehash that conversation; but basically with the Orb I don’t need to use greater stuff like evocation etc and with twilight my primary Savant element gets more potent (not to mention Major Evocation and Enchantment Focus).

But then I started thinking about the new challenge cloaks and I took another look. Like the Adamantine Cloak of the Dragon. Primarily spell focus Mastery +2. And until I manage to upgrade twilight (when I manage to pull that one) it also has spellcasting implement +18.

The best thing is that it would replace my sorcs level 16 Flame Cloak and wouldn’t be missed.

If it wasn’t for the many hours I need to waste my time running those challenges I would almost be excited right now.


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