With stunning results

This weekend my wife and I did some XP farming out in the The House of Rusted Blades to give me a chance to pull the right Seal and to get something like 6-8 runs done as quickly as possible.

So the first 3 times we did the optional Matriarc and the other times we did the end. And luck had it that my wife pulled the seal with stunning +10 (and gave it to me since I pleaded real nice and she didn’t have any use for it – note I didn’t tell her that she could have sold it for a mill easy) and although it have +2 insightful Con on it and not the strength as I wanted it, it sure will be very useful to my Monk.

Now I can finally use any type of wraps and stun like a champ and when I combine it with Adamantine Cloak of the Bear and the ML 24 Mabar wraps or even Ivy wraps, I’ll be doing all kinds of hurt.


2 thoughts on “With stunning results

  1. Spencerian

    Gratz! That ring and it’s ability is on my list to get. For now I’ll get by with my Grave Wrappings (still awesome) but having Stunning +10 on everything is just a fun idea.


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