The life of the unwilling mule.

I have way to many mules and they carry way to much stuff. I must be the original horder of DDO. And it have come to the point that toons I started and will eventually cap is now carrying a bunch of stuff (a matter made worse with underdark since some of those items are just way to good to auction).

Which is why I’ve wasted good time and XP yesterday running things under level in order to unlock another inventory tab. My hope is that I can get that done shortly since I’m running low on space carrying all the stuff my wiz is uncapable of using.

On a side note my wife was first kind of disapointed over her Horc – cause her dwarven fighter with two axes ‘seemed’ better (never mind that she was also fighting skellies with a maul – not exactly rewarding at level 8). And besided, that maul sux.

But now when she does her cleaves and greater cleaves she’s slowly getting into the groove of liking her horc which comes across like a living tornado (she’s into doing a lot of jumping now adays which have me calling her a destructive monkey). Although I can’t really say I’m doing that badly either – my wiz respecced for force damage manages to hit fairly okay with his 1SP magic missiles and tops it up with fireballs that touches upper 200’s (not bad for a level 8).

The key is of course having good gear – such as the level 8 flame cloak (still want to upgrade it twice), rock boots and a Major Kinetic lore trinket along with a scepter with 54 force spell power.

That allows me to not only web, but to firewall, fireball, magic missile and scorch everything in my path. Except for the whole only 850 SP.

Ironically; other than my flame cloak, ring of master and rock boots – everything else is ‘home made’. Like Con +6 necklace, Int +6 Helmet, Concentration +13 gloves, greater evocation braces and a docent with power X. If I can only remember to get some large guild shards with SP for the bracers I can add even more SP to the bottom line. Which is not bad considering that at this stage on my first toon I was barebone using pre-underdark and guild ship random bad stuff.

Ma – look at me now.


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