I hope I will be able to wrap it up before Monday

I really don’t want to waste my time running Mabar all day long, even though the event is made ‘funner’ in a full raid group and quite intense when everything spawns at the same time. Nothing like seeing a forest of giant skellies and what can only be the equivalent of a WW II battle scene in regards to things exploding.

But truth be told I don’t really need anything out of it other then the wraps. Question is do I want to make several wraps – say one level 12 and one level 24 – so that if I TR my Monk I can just use those 2.

But what I don’t get is the arbitrary nature of all events and challenges. The pirate event have all items BTA and BTC when fully upgraded. Sounds good. With the winter event the items remain the same status as before when you add frost to them. Good, as it should be. In Mabar all items are BTC and you can’t just make level 24 – you first have to create them level by level constantly upgrading it. That’s different from everything else including Cannith Challenges.

Of course Eveningstar Challenges follows Mabars spastic nature with the exception of all materials being BTC when it’s not with Mabar.

It would be nice if it functions like this instead. All material unbound. Let people sell them as they see fit to anyone. Second, all level 20 items BTC. They’re considered Epic. Before then BTA. I mean pls – I don’t mind having a few cloaks between level 8-16 but I don’t want to make more crap to fill up the inventory with in the case I TR. Flexibility is good; I have no idea why Turbine have this arbitrary nature in place considering the level 8 wraps ain’t that special.

So please Turbine; make ALL material unbound and BTA where it makes sense. NOT bound. The time is spent anyways and the less arbitrary you make the grind the better. Second, no item UNDER 20 bound. It’s not like people will stick with playing level 12 forever. Having unbound named items also means flexibility and less inventory space taken up with redundant stuff. Grind okay; meaningless grind not okay.

And finally – it’s alright if level 20 stuff and above are bound on equip. Yes – bound on equip. That way I don’t have to trade around mats here and there; go through mules a billion times. Then whomever carrying the stuff can also create the Epic item and drop it in the bank. And whomever picks it up and equip it gets it.

It’s all common sense. It adds flexibility and not this switching between toons just to drop mats in the bank so someone else can run out into the event and make the wraps. And then switch over to the one I’m running with, do some more runs and then go to the bank etc. I like flexibility. I like not wasting time.

Less waste of time, less arbitrary, me happier – and spend real money.


One thought on “I hope I will be able to wrap it up before Monday

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    I could live with this. I’d be happier if everything was BTA, even 20+, but I’d settle for BTA at lower levels for stuffing onto my banker and switching between characters and making for characters who haven’t even been created yet…


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