All wrapped up

Ended up running my second level 20 arti since the Epic spawns were lack luster. Turned out to work nicely eventhough I don’t use Animus on that guy. I instead use Corruption of Nature together with Rock boots.

That together with Tactical Detonation adds plenty of mayhem, eventhough I don’t have a triple holy GS repeater – only some random pull with acid burst, brilliance and something else fire based. Good enough eventhough I wouldn’t mind a epic Silver Slinger.

If I did have that Epic repeater I would most likely try to increase the enhancement to 7 and be done with it.

But I love the new ML 24 wraps and I’m considering making another pair for my Arti’s pet when it comes back in the end of November. And I’m definately making a ML 12 pair for TRing since its top vorpal effect is similar to disruption.

And with update 16 around the courner, maybe I can get what I need for my human arti to change things around a lil’ for the redux of Mabar later on this month.


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