Loot bonus – really?

Running with +2 Loot gems and with a +2 loot bonus you’d think Epic Hard on ML 25 quests would yield something – but strangely enough I ended up not even pulling big numbers (you know the list of 1 gazillion gems, 2 items and some other stuff you often do not pick up). In fact I was even skunked on the named department (running update 16 quests and even farming demonweb quests).

In fact I pulled so many crappy armor and shields and some really horrible weapons that I’m wondering if there’s not something wrong with the Loot bonus+jewel combo.

I’m serious. No conspiracy here. There’s gotta me something very wrong when I pull 2 things – one item and 1 pile of plats in 4 chests in a row and I haven’t even run these quests for weeks.

Compare that to any other even when there’s no loot bonus at all and I have no trouble pulling poor along with more then average loot in a similar amount of chests. And that was the story the ENTIRE weekend. 1 good pull – 5 awful. And the ‘good’ pull was the kind of mismatch of stuff that no one wants. ML 25 vorpal with superior bloodletting bastardsword? Sure – there’s some first life pally out there that think it’s the stuff – but it’ll sell for about 20k on the AH (if even that) or no one will touch it.

Or the staff with 120 resonance, 120 radiance – you know combinations that makes perfect sense for divine. I mean what drunk crafter came up with these things? Is it unreasonable for loot to make sorta sense? You would assume that whomever craft these items saw a purpose with them?

Like Glaciation of radiance? Or Corrosion of superior healing lore? Whatever gremlin put that in a chest should be found and dragged behind a Arti pet through Eveningstar as an example to other ‘crafters’ for making a mockery out of adventures desire to go loot huntin’.

Ironically right after the loot weekend was over (running epic hard, normal and even some elite chest farming and pretty abysmal results) I pull a Wizard’s Ward (Magnetism) first time run with my Ranger.

That’s after numerous runs where the end reward was the ONLY time I pulled something named.

Now – I don’t know what they did when releasing update 16 OR the hotfix but when Turbine finds and fixed memory leaks that always means hardware crashes on my computer. Like restart of computer crash after running the game for a while. It’s very frustrating. Nothing else crashes my computer so I know it’s DDO. It’s something to do with the graphic card and sound card and it’s always when Turbine says they have fixed a memory leak.

Also the end reward list in update 16 chain have some serious issues. Many times will you find double reward for some items; like 2 wards with the same spell power or even 2 of the same named items like the boots. So out of 4 possible named half of them can be redundant. That’s not exactly polished.

Now I’m not giving up but I feel less enthusiastic about loot weekend (last 2 had me pull some good loot but with a big average of poor chests compared to none loot weekends) and I’m definitely not interested in crafting mat bonus weekends. The Eveningstar challenges is a endangerment of my sanity with mind numbing grinding and horrible mat count. It’s the kind of stuff where you spend 10 minutes killing stuff and then the game slaps you with 80 mat out of thousands needed.

Or if you’re dumb enough to want to get one of those random items/weapons you’ll most likely get a combination or garbage that you can found much better among random pulled.

But update 16 added a huge positive for me – all named including end chain reward is bound to character on equip. THANK YOU TURBINE. Now please do that to all none raid 20+ named items. I’m serious. Consistency please. BTA for everything below 20 (named) and BTA for ALL MATERIAL. Please – let’s get away from arbitrary updates where some makes perfect sense (Caught in the Web items can now be upgraded and much greater Heroic Accom. drops – thank you) and the other stuff that doesn’t (BTC named items for end reward lists – no good).

But I have to tell you; I like the new named items. I do wish that you could upgrade them to the next higher setting – say 3 Epic Normal of the same kind (doesn’t matter what spell power they have) to an Epic Hard and 3 Epic Hard for an Epic Elite. That’s grind enough.


3 thoughts on “Loot bonus – really?

  1. Samiusbot

    I lucked out and got a +5 upgrade INT tome running a +2 pot over the weekend. But got skunked lots this weekend also.

    Keep playing the odds you have to get the good sometime.


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