Rather naive then cynical

I can be very cynical. Sarcastic, ironic, sardonic and snarky. I can be a DB, an Angel and all around a-hole. Can’t we all? But more than anything I can be very naive. Borderline hippy. My sentiment is that while I’m most likely going to be screwed I don’t assign any sentiment of malignant behavior on the part of those who will screw me.

In fact like with most people they just have a different vision than I do and as such that vision is often times not the exactly the way I see things. Which is fine; if something breaks then it wasn’t because they wanted to make my life miserable – that’s just the side effect of a not so thought through idea.

And that’s the realist in me. Other people assign ‘evil’ into the actions of others. I find it’s borderline hysteric when I listen to or read people who list quantifiable evil as some kind of reason why something ‘is’. And I’m not just talking about DDO or game design here, but anything. That’s just the way I think and operate.

So when people right off started to complain about the idea of a change to the augment system and how something would break I thought ‘kewl’. The idea, whether or not it is implemented well or not is a great one. And a true step in the right direction. One can only hope they change how the augments work and beef them up a lil’.

And to take the whole epic altar out of the equation is simply brilliant. My hope is that as we get Epic TOR, a new augment system we will also see the release of the new PRE system (shortly around the same period of time). That would be great.

Maybe this is naive; maybe I have a greater chance of winning the lottery than getting all good things around the same time frame – but then I’m rather naive then cynical and hope rather than despair.


3 thoughts on “Rather naive then cynical

  1. Coyopa

    Personally, I actually like the epic augment system the way it is. I’ve managed to augment quite a number of things and still have a lot more items that I would like to augment. I think, if anything, the cost in epic dungeon tokens should have been lower for the augments, but that is neither here nor there.

    Personally, I am very concerned that my existing augments will be deleted when they roll this new system out – and that would make me very unhappy.

  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    I don’t think that the current augments will be deleted, since as I understand it, the crystals themselves aren’t being changed, merely the method in which they’re equipped.

    And we’re not gonna be seeing the new PrE system anytime soon; from what I’ve read, I’d be surprised if it was ready for U18, nevermind U17. Which I’m fine with; i’d rather they take the time and get it right than release a half-done slapdash job full of holes large enough to drop a golem through.

  3. geoffhanna

    I would be very surprised if the new system takes anything away from the old system. Other than the need for catalysts and epic tokens.


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