More Buttons! (think cow bells)

Okay – timeline is as following. I get computer – computer is good. But graphic card has cement shoes and leaves me cold. So I get a 660 Ti and throws in a MMOish mouse from Logitech with tons of buttons. 12 on the side – 2 on top and an extra mouse button.

Only thing is that I’m not used to the idea of having 12 buttons on the side so when I play DDO and other games (and I tend to use right click hold and move for manouverability in DDO) I generally support my grip by getting a good solid grip with my thumb.

The same thumb that is now the master of 12 buttons.

So when I play Warhammer 40k Space Marine I end up switching weapons in the middle of brawls and in World Of Tanks I’ve ended up switching to expensive gold ammo setup on button 3 or switched away from said gold ammo (better pen armor ammo) when I had it loaded.

And in DDO of course I sometimes shoot frost lance when I meant to either dance or energy burst.

Plus it throws out of whack the synchronized swimming (analogy) I used to do between using the first five numbered keys and then clicking on some spells for effects. Now I’m worried about learning how to use the side buttons so I often throw myself out of whack. I’m like a parody of that Wiz/Sorc dude who can’t control his spells very good and instead putting down a firewall he turns his best friend into chicken.

Which makes me hungry for KFC.


6 thoughts on “More Buttons! (think cow bells)

  1. Samiusbot

    I like the G400, we use them at work and i have gotten used to it. I use the back thumb mouse button as the target next bad thing and the forward thumb.

    Any idea how close it is to the same size? I have been looking for a mutli thumb button mouse but i really like the size of the G400 and the naga is too small.

  2. malinza2

    You should get used to it eventually if you insist using it. Things need time to settle down, don’t give up if otherwise it fits your hand.

  3. patang01

    I have all the confidence in the world that I will get into the multi button groove.

    It is funny however how it messes with a process that seem so hard wired into a specific behavior.


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