When cheating is the only way to overcome cheating

I have no desire to cheat in DDO. You don’t have to. Although DDO do cheat when playing higher difficulty I can still overcome it since the AI is dull enough. When I say cheat it’s obvious that if you don’t get hurt on Normal (relatively that is) and you take gobs of damage on elite it’s clear that the computer cheats.

It’s not like they’re super duper many more of them. Or that they use better tactic. It’s that they hurt more, hit more often and they have more HP. They cheat.

They being any critter you face in DDO.

But some games just gets me.

Like Blood Bowl. Where the teams the computer use are never grunts in the same respect as you are and where their players always seems to have a tons of skills that gets them out of the same trouble you get yourself into by not having those skills. And where it’s hard to develope those skills since you either get XP through passing, TD or knocking someone into the next century. And it’s hard to do that since the computer players are notoriously hard to knock into the next century (but adapt at doing that to your players) and where you can be happy if you make 1 or 2 touch down. Then by magic the next time you play against the same computer team and you have maybe 1 more skilled players and they suddenly have tons more. And also super players.

You see just like any game that scales according to how much better you are the enemy does as well.
Have you played Oblivion or Skyrim? You know the cave you entered that had low level goblins? Well now they’re all highlevel shamen and chieftans. You see because you suddenly became a veteran and decided to romp into a random cave it is now inhabitated by the most highlevel critters you can find.

And that’s why I like DDO – if I enter a level 5 quest with a level 25, it’ll still be the same elite level 5 quest I entered when I was level 5. I’m the one ‘cheating’.

So where it scales from normal to elite and where DDO cheat by adding more HP and do more damage at level 5 if you go in elite compared to normal, it’ll still be level 5 when I enter it later on.

With other games the solve this by simply scaling everything around you to your level. I understand the notion, but not the logic. I mean lets say that I’m a green warrior. And locally I kill some bandits. Then I go out in the big bad world and come back as Conan. Now suddenly when I walk into the local bandit infested woods I run into the Minotaur equivalent of bandits because these elite raiders have nothing better then to steal chump change from locals. Hey – why would they want to plunder rich cities and caravans when they can shake down peasants? Am I right?

That’s why it’s nice to be able to walk into some wilderness and quests that are lower then my DDO character. I know I’m cheating – I know that the only reason I do it is because I can romp through it without breaking a sweat to maybe pull some stuff before I TR or whatever motivates me.

And if I want a challenge I simply find something closer to level.

But I detest games that always cheat over you instead of making better AIs.


3 thoughts on “When cheating is the only way to overcome cheating

  1. huntunderhill

    “playing higher difficulty I can still overcome it since the AI is dull enough.” I assume thats why they scale mobs with higher stats they have no other way of improving their tactics no way of improving enemy behavior as of yet.

    Even in the Elder Scolls I’d assume they would have to scale. After all if you visit every location at level 5 then wouldn’t all enemies be stuck at level 5? Maybe they should just take Final Fantasy approach and have set levels at certain areas.

    Its funny you mentioned Skyrim tho. Have a roomate who made an archer and when he hit level 60 everything can kill him in 1 hit. Made the game unplayable.

  2. patang01

    It is true.

    Once you get over that hump in some games your char is so powerful anyways that it can easily kill anything.

    That’s not true with every single games. Take jagged edge 2. It came to a point where every single enemy were so high level and equipped that you had to see and kill them first or their turn would wipe you.


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