The Icy thingy on Lam – the good and the bad (update)

First off – it’s kinda broken. I mean you can check with the guy what you can make, but you can’t really make something using random items. I assume (and hope) that this will be fixed.

Secondly – unless the harbor stuff remains the same the new ice festival thingy will change things up big time. The best way to explain it is that you require less motes to add say glaciation 120 onto a random weapon or armor BUT you will most likely not be able to use your current scrolls.

So before I go into a pointless rant I’ll explain what it is and what’s up now.

You have a ice skating track running along the river in Eveningstar. It has flags, jumps etc and some other thingies. Basically you skate along the river and in the end of it you get scored based on the snow flakes you pick up.

Some stuff gives you speed boost, others high jump and then there’s this glowing rat you can kill for double snow flake bonus. And instead of a purple coin you have a purple snow flake – it is worth more.

All the snow flakes add up and in the end of the track you get rewarded based on how many snow flakes you captured. The reward is motes and a scroll. Lets say scroll of glaciation 72.

You then talk to the guy and he gives you a bunch of options that’ll cost you motes or a combination of motes and scroll.

The scrolls range from glaciation added to armor, shield or weapon (120 max) or acid or fire resist – either as say max 30 or insightful resist (max 10). You can only have one recipe on a item and the item have to be a random pull.

Since I couldn’t get the thing to work I have no idea if it also increase minimum level on the item. Hopefully not.

One thing that concerns me is also that there is no cold or cold burst feature as far as I can see – only resist or glaciation. So if you were hoping to be able to put cold burst on your basic low end item you’re screwed (unless this is not final and they will add it before launch).

Note also that the race track is random – meaning random where the different boosts and flakes show up. While the jumps and track itself looks the same the resources will be in different places.

Which brings me to the rant; this cost tokens. You only get so many tokens. Which means that in order to continue to win you also have to add more tokens. In the previous ice festivals hot cocoa and perma skates required TP, now there’s also a matter of tokens.

While I’m all for Turbine to profit, survive and give us new awesome content, I’m not entirely happy about first cold damage missing from the options and also pay for additional runs through tokens. Especially since you’re bound to waste 1-2 tokens before you get somewhat of an hang on what you’re doing.

New is good. The simplification of turn ins, is good.

New ways to treat players like cash cows. Not cool. I mean I would most likely buy hot cider in order to teleport to the beginning – but who in their right mind would buy a hot cider x50 and then add 50 tokens?

So I tried it again; just to see if there’s ‘something’ to the process. It’s kind of like treasure hunt on ice with a horrible randomizer. Why do I say horrible. Well for one the snow flakes can all show up in a cluster and then nothing. Also, the speed boosts and high jumps can either be all in one spot (like 4 speed boosts in a row) and one high jump either after or far before you need it. Here’s the thing about high jump. It boosts one high jump. If the actual reason for it is way after or before you will most likely waste the high jump trying to overcome hurdles before you need it.

And without it it’s impossible to get some purple stars.

The other thing that gets me is that in order for you to add say glaciation to an item you first have to start with the first glaciation scroll and then upgrade yourself through it. But as far as I’ve noticed you kind of get rewarded based on performance. If you do well you get high end scrolls (like Glaciation 114) and not so well lower. So if you have to go through the motions you also have to waste lots of tokens on poor performances – where you get low amount of motes just to get that scroll so you can upgrade to a different ‘level’.

Lets just say that sounds dumb; tokens are 20 TP each and I don’t know if I want to spend real money ‘sucking’ just to get low end scrolls.

I fancied myself upgrading a wand I have from scratch to 120, so I have corrosion and glaciation one 1 wand while adding something else in a second wand but I just don’t know if it’s worth the pain and cost to do it.

Oh well – the idea sounded interesting but this seems like a fail mechanic before it was even introduced.

BTW – jumping in the new track is horrible. I don’t know how many times I got stuck in cracks between jumps because it felt very ‘weird’ trying to time and jump. It just didn’t feel like the physics is all there for simple jumps and the jump despite good jump score feels anemic.


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