You are the only one…

I currently have a few capped characters – some melee, some ranged and only one arcane. I dount count my divine as I haven’t really got into the groove to level him up yet so I know that outside a weak implosion and an okay blade barrier, he’s not reallt ‘it’.

So if I ever want to run something on EH I generally do it with my Sorc. Sure – I could do it with my arti or ranger, but even with their DPS it’s just to the same as destroying an entire group with a acid burst – doing 1.5K plus damage on the fly leaving very little standing afterwards (followed by a acid breath or even acid burst for good measure).

Everything else on the other hand short of my fighter require gobs of slashing, hacking and shooting before everything is dead. My fighter is a lil’ different – with crits often hitting between 600-1200 he’s pretty good and destroying ‘stuff’ but quite not sorc good. The benefit with my sorc is that he uses a lot of different ways of ‘ending’ critters assault. Finger of Death for the naughty. Acid Burst for the curious. Acid Dragon Breath for critters silly enough to line up for more punishment. Frost lance to cool them down, acid burst to melt frosty relationships etc.

There is sure some truth about throwing a lot of SP on something and expect results. Except against wisps.

All other chars are dependent on stupid hirelings. As their DPS is not quite ‘world ending’ like my sorcs, the longer fights also strain my hirelings attentionspan. Like when they decide that shootin’ searing lights is way better than healing my guys.

So this weekend I really wanted to run other things than my sorc since he’s pretty much set for now and the others wanted to take advantage of the 20% epic XP to level. But trying U16’s end quest on hard was a lil’ much for my arti. It’s not that he couldn’t do something – but things just got in his face and circled him 20 times doing that ‘I’m in your face shanking you’ hump dance that indicated that the pathing is a little wonky.

If they try the same with my sorc it’ll usually end up with a acid energy burst and 2.5k hit points less (which usually means death).

And all I wanted was to pull the optional chest from the spider – so I could pull the shadowmail with impulse spell power on it to boost my human arti with.

But alas – no deal.

There’s always next weeked when the +2 loot bonus is set to go into effect.


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