Lootin’ and waitin’

I guess Risia and Evening skatin’ is about to drop soon. With motes being the same on both sides (thank gosh) I’m sure I’ll spend more time doing Risia then Eveningstar due to the restrictive token requirements.

I mean all events so far have had some kind of ‘consumable’ for TP like the hot cocoa, the perma ice skates, whatever you can get from the pirate event etc but they’re not ‘needed’ in any sense above just playing.

With the Eveningstar one you can’t do more then 4 times per day and you still have the regular perma ice skates and teleporting hot cider as with Risia.

So why the need to restrict how often you can play it when those restriction doesn’t exist in any other events?

Meanwhile I’m lootin’. I’m trying to pull some useful items other than the named stuff I see myself wanting for end gear. My hope is to pulls some good end and TR gear so when I finally get off my lazy behind I’ll be sporting something good TR style.

A while back I managed to pull a ML 2 Moderate fort robe out of Irestone. I’d love to do the same with say some kind of armor with a large guild slot. Or why not a +1 ML 2 Adamantine full plate of mod fort. Is it possible?

I dunno – but it’s sounds awesome.


3 thoughts on “Lootin’ and waitin’

  1. Samiusbot

    It doesn’t take much in the Cannith crafting to make your own really low level twink armors.

    I have a lvl 1 Invulnerability robe with a med guild slot i used every life more or less. And a Life shield of Invulnerability robe like at level 3 or 4 with a med slot… At the time my levels were in the 40s maybe.


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