I’m getting there

Thanks to the Otto’s box on sale I have finally convinced myself it’s time to do another TR. While I’d love to do another Sorc (on my sorc) I’ve already done it and I need to diversify myself a little. My end goal will be a completionist with triple TRs in Wiz, Sorc, Favored Soul, Barbarian, Cleric, Artificer and Druid (I’ll explain why) and single in everything else.
Wiz for spell pen, same with Favored Soul. That provides a total of 9 total spell pen and allows me to ditch a feat or enhancement.

Barbarian provides HP (30 total), Cleric +3 in Conjuration, Artificer +3 in UMD and druid better summons (+6 I think).

And I will start with Wiz. Mostly because I already have most of the gear to run one and because it allows me to use the past life feat specific to Wiz in subsequent TR’s (+1 to DC on all spells cast).

I will also finish off the epic destiny for bard when I get to 20 before TRing again since I already unlocked the draconic and the wiz. That allows me to TR into a rogue first, Monk after that, Paladin followed by Cleric and Favored Soul.

Each time I will spend enough time unlocking their destiny so the progression feels natural as I move along the destiny map to the next class. And that will allow me to skip unlocking the bard one as bard when that comes along.

And once I’ve unlocked completion I will tripe up on the things I want to do 3 times without the need to unlock more destinies.

And part of the twisted Items it’ll be something like more evocation, maybe some Charisma if it makes sense and definately the divines 10% more spell points. Who doesn’t like more spell points?

Now this is my long time goal. I’m sure it’ll change, but I think I have enough stuff now and I would really like to see what kind of Earth Savant I’ll have in the end of this process. I’m sure I’ll take a break now and then to run with my other guys when I get bored, but at least I’m ready and I have enough incentive to start.

My first wis will be an archmage. While pale master seems interesting I kind of like the idea of self healing on the fly and using tons of force based spells along side basic crowd control spells.

The only thing I hope to do before I TR is to pull a +4 tome of Int so I can start as sharp as possible but it’s not going to be pivotal in any way shape and form for my over all goals.

Don’t get me wrong; My sorc is devastating right now. Given a few more items and it’ll be as damaging as it can ever be, but with these TR’s my hope is to be able to solo a lot of epic content on Elite, without the need to change to pale master. I want to be able to destroy with specific lethality and challenge myself in the hardest content.

I’m sure I could do it, but relying on dumb hirelings is not always that fun. With more DC and spell pen I will be able to overcome even the worst of critters which is always a good end goal.


2 thoughts on “I’m getting there

  1. Samiusbot

    For me at lest the AM is fairly comparable to the PM assuming you have the gear for i high UMD for healing. If not go Ehelf or Robot to enable heals.

    Other wise your removal spells will be lower but your over all staying power is greater. The AMs can run forever on echos of power where the PMs can go as they have healing AND the mob is not Death Warded.

    That said i think end game the PM is stronger and leveling with out gear the PM is easier. But i was on the PM band wagon b4 it was cool.

  2. Micki

    🙂 I have similar plan, except I was only gonna do 3x wiz, fvs & sorc. And not the ED’s. But seing as my sorc is still only first life, it’ll take me years if ever to get there.


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