I clearly don’t do robots very well (or maybe I do)

Which I find surprising – since I have a robot arti, started a robot wis and I have two arti pets that can use docents.

But I have a surprising lack of quality docents. Or maybe there aren’t that many good named ones. Which is maybe why I’ve been so reluctant at making one (probably not).

It’s kind of silly really. My arti is currently using a level 14 or 16 docent, well past it’s experation date. Fair enough – come level 21 (or was it 22) there’s a good docent out of demonweb that he can start using; one with intelligence.

There’s also one out of Lordmarch (got it), the harbor octopus face quest ones (okay – so I’m lazy and could look up the name of them but that defeats the purpose of not acting as un-geeky as possible that I know the exact names of every quest and creature). I think it’s called the fleshmakers docent. And there’s of course the chronosphere one and the one out of dreaming.

Maybe that is enough – I know I have a bunch of BTA docents that I’ve collected so maybe I can just bake on whatever I like. Truth be told that while my first bunch of alts have tons of named goodies my last have a bunch of cobbled together random and crafted item. Including my awesomesauce sorc.

And I think that has to do with the fact that I started making so many alts in the end that once I hit 20 I just didn’t want to milk every quest again for the regular gold standard like dragontouched for armor (not to mention running quests a bazillion times for the right rune combination) or for that matter staff.

Which is fine; turns out that random staffs and wands works terrific eventhough there are other standards like green steel and alchemical. But honestly; an alchemical wand for level 18 would be nice – one that combined impulse and something else.

I think I need to stop myself before I get side tracked from the TR circus and start lootin’ again. But it’s sooooo tempting.

If it wasn’t for the fact that few run those raids anymore – so the chance of actually putting together an alchemical wand in a reasonable timeframe is quite remote.

My honest opinion however is that Cannith challenges more or less made most other loot redundant for casters; at least outside armor. I still use a fully epified pair of rock boots. And most of my other caster types use one type of flame cloak or another.

And honestly; it’s hard to argue against the cold robe if you’re anything but robot. It works on everything from melee to casters. That tunic is pretty much the gold standard for me.


3 thoughts on “I clearly don’t do robots very well (or maybe I do)

  1. Samiusbot

    Java has like 5 Docents he uses
    Epic house D one (Blademark?) main
    A Docent of Defiance
    An Unlocked mindsunder one (mostly retired lives in the bank)
    a fleshmakers with the big hate trigger

    And two DTs. One is hate/hate/ some guard like rad and one is amp/ amp/ some guard like Rad.. Guess that make 6 docents?

  2. Samiusbot

    If this is for your big TR train guy i say farm a Sovereign Rune of Magic it is potancy 58 at level 16 and frees up your hands for good stuff.

    Sam used DT to fill gear holes all the time i had a ton of different runes from XP runs.


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