All aboard – the train is about to leave

So here I am – level 4 Robot wiz, about to clean up the rest of the harbor. I miss my sorc – I miss the feeling of potency but I think it’s miss placed. For most part it was the hordes of SP and not so much being better at something. Pound for pound (at least at this stage) there’s no difference between a wiz and a sorc. The big change arrives when you get into PRE’s and there’s no question that a sorc gets the edge on his/hers select spells over say an AM. But the AM instead becomes a CC machine.
It’s going the interesting in fleshing that out.

Now Sam was nice enough to tell me about a few docents and to get a specific rune. There’s a reason why I didn’t get into DT with my sorc and that’s because the challenge loot is just that good. Not only was (is) the frozen tunic premier at fueling cold based spell, but it’s also extremely useful for melee. And with the boots you have acid covered, the trinket fuels sonic and the cloak takes care of fire. All of them combined will have more spell power than the potence rune (at that level) and add a similarly high crit chance. Just to give you the basic idea; the challenge loot can be fully upgraded and by adding the masterful shard you can lower the level requirement with 2. That way you can equip say the level 8 one at 6 and the level 12 one at 10 etc. And the big reason for that? Tons of spell power at level 6 with greater acid lore (or cold lore with the tunic).

As a human sorc it just didn’t make sense to waste time to run the same quests a ton of times to get the runes when I had the perfect item that boosted my secondary spell and where the boots boosted my primary. The reality is that with 3 different items I covered most of the spell I used throughout my first TR and without missing a beat.

And now with the new random loot it’s also possible to find 1 handed weapons and staffs that covers both potency and impulse – completing the circle in regards to loot.

In fact between crafting, random loot and challenge loot, I managed to get my guy all the way to 20 and have since replaced a few of the stuff with the higher end named things (like the planar thingy and the spidersilk robe) but I still used up until my last TR several crafted rings alongside crafted trinkets and an assortment of other random pulled items.

The only green steel my sorc had was this pair of con op gloves. And it worked; I frequently out DPSed and outkilled more conventional named geared players simply because I did what I do as well as I could.

So now when I TR’d again I bought a bunch of items with large guild slots and started with +10 striding, +3 Will, 24 potency, helmet with risia cold recipe of 72 spell power, FF, Con +5 (remember when the madness end quest out of 12 dropped ML 1 BTA rings?), Wiz II and Impulse 36 and Int +2.

Most if it crafted and boosted with large guild shards (mostly for +80 SP and +20 HP).

And it’s paying off. While I have changed and moved onto a few different items such as ML 4 Cannith challenge stuff and slightly better things like Wiz III and +1 to conjuration and evocation, it’s still mostly things that boosts a number of spells as well as it can do.

My next project before I continue to quest is to create a one handed item with as high impulse as possible followed by another with kinetic lore. The intend is to cover cold, fire, acid and force so I can drop a web, collect and then use all types of spell to expire them. Note I haven’t gotten Maximize or Empower yet – I’m currently relying on a torrent of base spells boosted by items with around 10% crit chance for most of them.

And it works. At level 4 I’m at about 120 HP and over 500 SP and with higher crit chance due to the cannith items I hope to be able to net and destroy without blowing tons of SP. It’s different; my sorc deliver brutal life ending attacks but also using a mix of tons of SP using conventional spells followed by several truly devastating savant spells.

At most my AM will have chain missiles and maybe arcane blast for cheap DPS spells – the rest is support or CC. So the key is to figure out how to do the same but with less resources since unlike the sorc that gets double SP from items, wiz don’t and the AM will lower his SP pool by getting specific low cost perma spells – each reducing the overall SP.

But it’s alright; part of the fun is to find new ways to tactically beat known quests – that one was done with raw power and now it’s time to do it with less resources and diffent tools. The key being of course force based spells.

But still – level 1 ranged cold spell hitting for 50-60 HP and more when boosted? Not bad. With Risia coming back and with the Eveningstar one I hope to increase those 72 to 120. That would top it all.

Finally; while DT seems like an okay docent with 3 different runes for added diversity I’m more looking at blue dragon scale – for that potency and greater arcane lore. I’m not sure yet, but it seems almost like a better fit for my wiz considering that so much else is taken care of by the cannith stuff. It would fill in the blanks on everything else I might use.


2 thoughts on “All aboard – the train is about to leave

  1. malinza2

    Good plan, I would also liked to get my hands on some Cannith stuff, but I need to learn to run the challenges first. For this, I need a better mood 🙂 Thank you for pointing out the obvious truth 😉

    Also all my TRs use the Chronoscope stuff. The Abishai set is great for both melees and casters. Also the guards are decent at level. Later Sora-Kel can be fitted though sometimes is hard, especially on casters.

    We do have lots of options though which keeps things interesting. Thumbs up! 😀

  2. patang01

    Chrono is good – I use the Chrono docent right now because it adds conjure and a pretty okay summon (for level 2 anyways).

    Since Cannith starts at 4 I kind of have to go with that over Chrono set. Chrono set adds mostly stat abilities and some other things, where as Cannith adds (among other bonus effects) lesser lore (6% crit chance) and 36 spell power in the different items. The bracers adds for example lightning related boosts and blur at ML 4. It’s hard to pass that.

    That always me to have an early crit chance of around 10% (add 4% with appropriate enhancement) and a decent enough spell power in almost all given elements and either free my hands for DC breaking or boosting impulse (there is no impulse boosting cannith item).


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