Catacombs bleh, Waterworks good

I’ve always felt the same. Partly because skellies are a pain to grind down whereas kobolds are squishy. Plus I really don’t like the repetative catacomps, the running up and down the stairs and then finally get to end boss and finish what’s mostly a misery for me.

That’s surprising since I like Deleras (mostly for the drools of XP – beating skellies not so much).

Waterworks is pretty good XP though – finished the 3rd part and recieved a truck ton of XP – knowing that the worst part is left in the prison. After that I’m strongly considering running STK – another quest series I like. As long as you have an okay rogue in the last part most of it is done in 2 shakes with more XP for the effort. Not hitting level 6 enough, but a bunch.

The sad part is that I have to wait until level 7 before I get the trusted fire wall.


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