STK and 6

It’s true – gobs of XP. 11k for the 2nd part and level 6. I decided to drop out and retool and get the level since I didn’t have heroism loaded. And without heroism the rogue hireling won’t be able to find the traps. Which means no go in part 3 unless you have an amazing ability to survive acid and the fire crisper.

The whole STK flew buy – 1k XP for killing 3 Ogres, 1k for killing to elementals and plenty of shrines to load up more SP. I always pick the hireling with Divine Vitality so it can give me a SP shot without having to drink pots. And especially in the longer part 2. In fact the end boss wasn’t much of a problem; webs on his elemental buddies and a torrent unleash of acid blast, fire ball, scorching ray and whatever I could hit him with. Then a couple of fire balls later and his buddies was gone. Ka-thich – Xp fountain and then recall for the end goodies.

I’m a luthooor. Big time; every chest fills me with joy and while I’m not pulling stuff that sells for 50k in the AH, I’m finding a few things that’ll come handy one day. Like a keen of slicing and bleed Falchion. Add Frost burst to it and it’s a ML 4 head whacker for sure.

But I did something silly; I should’ve figured out what I needed to get archmage I at level 6. Turns out you need the feat mental thougness along with some enhancement thingies. Which I never took, so now I have to wait 3 days before I can swap it and in that case I’m more likely to hit 8 and the level skip before I get a chance to switch it. Which is a pity; since I got empower I could’ve boosted those dirt cheap magic missiles that you can perma read in and that would’ve been a great way to add some cheap DPS. But I did get to add my challenge boots and cloak that I unlocked from the ML 8 version and added masterful to so it lowered the ML requirement to 6. That’s 54 in spell power with greater lore. And it helps – at 13% chance to crit and solidly boosted both acid bursts and fire balls hit for over 100 in crit. Enough to toast anything in sight.

Now it’s onto Tangleroot. I figured I get that done and overwith before I clean up the rest of the ML 4. In this case I won’t take 7 until I’m done with everything in sight. I figured it’s better to as much of those done before taking the next step since the things that are left are not easily done solo on elite. Such as the carnival series. Good XP, tons of loot but you’re not going to do them without a good group. At least not the Giant one.


One thought on “STK and 6

  1. malinza2

    Remember about scrolls. Even if you might have only say 75% chance at it, it is way better than waiting for the next level or so for the spell.

    Carnival can be done elite at level solo, I did it on my TR wiz/rog though for A Small Problem I needed a bit over one hour and extra carefulness.

    Sometime solo elite is not worth the pain, I agree on that though 🙂


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