I based my progress on the idea that it would take me a ton of grinding getting to 8 and then skip to 16 but the reality is that the skip is where there terrible grind is. But there’s something that should be told about adding Elite streak 50%, Elite quest 80%, 15% Holiday bonus, Greater tome of learning 50% and a 30% pot, Boat shrine 4% and VOM 5%. And suddenly your awash in XP. STK, several 11k XP. Sharn Syndicate – most of them 4-5k. Tangleroot – 2-5k easy. Deleras last everything from 6k to 26k (and in between 24k). Each time I hit those levels I thought I had to do a big one say STK and then grind but I hit the next level doing STK. Same with doing Tangleroot. Hit another level.

I was smart however to keep doing all the level 4 quests that I could (such as finishing of Syndicate) before hitting 7. But what really made me hit 8 was of course Deleras. The cool thing is that I didn’t have to do carnival on Elite. I mean it’s a lot of XP but you kind of need a full group to do it efficiently. It was definately smart to finish off those level 4s since that left me from having to grind 5’s completely.

And as soon as 8 came around I did the whole stone of experience thingy and skipped through a bunch of levels.

And I finally did my first wilderness – Macabre. Good XP – hit 44k between explorers, rares and slayer. I’m onto Vale next. That’s 40-50k easy. Then it’s time to do some quests. I’d love to keep my elite streak going, but that’s going to be hard soloing. True – there’s always someone doing Vale and such and I’d love to jump on a Vale wagon. The first time Elite streak would be terrific as I know just how much I can do on a hard streak (and I didn’t even have a holiday bonus).

I would also like to do the Harbor level 15 quests on elite but those are though. I’m definately going to need a good group for that. The end quest is brutal enough on hard – Elite is one step up from terrible.

Interesting times.


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