Lesser reincarnation

Already done it; used my free lesser to redo things. First off – I had a hard time landing spells due to spell pen. That’s despite the enhancement and spell pen IX item. So I did a lesser and gave myself a spell pen feat (I can’t wait until I have few wiz and Favored Soul TR under my belt and when spell pen won’t be the biggest issue anymore).

I’ve also redone my spell selection away from fire and towards lightning and acid (primary). Now I use mass hold and acid rain. Which seems to be a great way of ‘expiring critters’.

I also gave up my elite streak. Things were getting way to hairy and I didn’t see myself enjoying trying to do well. So I went hard streak – losing 55% first time XP. But that also means completions without massive problems. And who can argue against that. All in all I’m trying to get a hang of it; insta killing where possible and web, hold and acid rain on large mobs. It’s working – I just need to get the right DC and spell pen down in order for me to be a lil’ more succesful.


One thought on “Lesser reincarnation

  1. PrdPolack

    I, too, have found the Hard streak easier to get groups for completions. I will go for Elite streak if and when I can, but have not hesitated too much to go in on Hard just for completion, then come back with a PUG to get the Elite favor/XP.


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