I’m not feeling it

I don’t mind wiz, but at times I feel that I’m more of a support cog than a offensive ‘stick’. I’m more there to make sure the offensive sticks do their clubbing while I clear out some unruly elements and add CC.

That’s unlike being a sorc where the whole point is to be a little support and tons of stick. In fact the stick part is what sorcs are about.

And it’s more my part. Sure – a wiz is good at using multiple ways of destroying stuff but at a significant cost. What sorcs do for less wiz do for more. At its essence sorcs only have a couple of cheap ‘DPS’ spells (force based) but plenty of cheaper support spells. Given the right conditions blur, haste etc can be obtained cheaply but the other stuff comes with a high price tag.

At that’s why I can finish Vale quests through an assortment of spells, but I can’t do so without drinking pots. Not solo anyways.

This was illustrated time and time again as I flagged for the Shroud by doing everything but Coal on hard (ran Coal Elite) and each and one of those quests required me to drink several pots.

That doesn’t bother me; I’ve collected pots for years so I have plenty of resources. But what bothers me is that I keep having to use resources with this one simply because I can’t find a happy self-reliant medium where I use what I have and manage to complete without help. Which of course is what soloing is about. Instead I rely on hirelings to do the heavy hitting while standing back and supporting just to keep resource use low.

Which brings me to the need to run in groups. I ran coal on Elite with a good group and while we finished it just fine I also spent lots of resources getting to the end. And that’s with me leaving a lot to the group and saving as many resources as possible. And still needed to drink several pots after that.

And spell pen is still an issue on hard and even normal. Mostly against Drow. I’m almost tempted at this point to finish it off and then do another wiz right after so I can ‘enjoy’ more spell pen. Simply put I feel like I have miles to go and I rather get there with my sorc.


4 thoughts on “I’m not feeling it

  1. XavierElanor

    I’m sorry you’re not enjoying your wiz life. I don’t know your details or playstyle so I don’t know what advice I can give other than general Wiz stuff, I hope this helps you as high level heroics are a drag when you’re not enjoying your character.

    Work on your DCs and use those insta kill spells over damage spells. If you’re having trouble with landing death spells use debuffs like energy drain, enervation, curse on single targets, and symbol of pain for aoe save debuffing. Your mass death spells also have a level drain affect so drop a wail or circle and clean up with single target spells. Neg level + FoD is cheaper than a mob saving twice. If they’re on timer drop some cc, enchant’s not limited in number of targets like wail and CoD so give those beaters something to do instead of tripping over the corpses you leave. Hypno and Mind fog will reduce mob’s saves vs your enchant spells. Also don’t be afraid to leave cc’ed or charmed mobs behind.

    Wiz isn’t sorc so don’t try to make it one, don’t waste sp nuking trash unless you know you’re one shotting it. As for buffs and haste? You’re the DC caster. Your sp is far to important to waste on melees 🙂

  2. Micki

    I think Dea or someone was talking about invisible running Vale stuff. 🙂 I’ve yet to run a wiz, so I have no idea, but if u’re having to pot u might need to change tactics.

    Oh, and I only ran CC hard on my sorc and I ran out of mana way too soon. Of course, my sorc isn’t the best, he still needs spell boosting gear, that I don’t have.

    Btw. speaking of sorc, any suggestions for “must have” items for a water savant (WF, I use the unsuppressed mindsunder docent). He’s currently lvl 22, gonna TR in a couple of months probably.

  3. Samiusbot

    Like the others above i am surprised by your issues, a good caster is a good caster regardless of class, but i do know some sorcs that struggle in the early levels when they are getting the hang of the lower sp pool but i would assume by vale level you would have things under control…

    I would need to see you in action i think to offer up advice but hell if your just rocking a few quick wiz lifes to get back to the sorc frame just drink as needed.


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