Downgrading my expectations and upgrading my plan

I remember the first time I played my first character. O Lord was he shitty. But hey; he didn’t have much when it came to gear, I didn’t know what was good and I had some kind of vision of a 2 weapon foil poking healer.

He sucked. Not just a lot – but he was like 2 HP from death at each turn slurping SP like a thristy Nosferatu.

So I TR’d him and started to figure out what was wrong; and lesser TR’d twice (second time as they came out with the new PrEs) and now find him to be very good.

Things have changed since those first baby steps and what was originally my main runner is now pulled out and dusted off when I feel like rotating what I play. But in reality he’s geared to the hilt but one of those ‘break in case I feel like playing a divine’.

The rest of my Alts get more time then my trusted FvS.

It’s alright – one of these days I’ll get around to unlocking his destiny and maybe get him the twilight but until then he’s like that collectors Ken doll with in a slightly banged up original box.

As my travails with my Wiz unfolds I have to remind myself of all my Alts first baby steps. That it took a while before my Ranger could be self sufficient and now slices and dices with the best. He’s not at all bad. Or my Monk – he have more wraps on him then a mummy.

Or my two Arti’s – the human one is my favorite because he’s a beast with that acid rune arm and his many great repeaters.

I do miss my sorc, but I realize that what I’m going through with my wiz is simply the bi-product of having felt so potent as a sorc and that I don’t know what’s good with a wiz. It’s not like I meant him to be one anyways – I’m just doing a wiz for the spell pen and the past life feat you can pick.

So I’m off the hard streak until I figure out what’s going on and I’m TRing as soon as I hit 20. I’m not going to bother wasting more stuff on ‘fixing’ something and move onto another sorc first to get the gear I need for FvS and Cleric. I have decided to pile up more Spell Pen and SP (FvS) and conjuration. Then I might try wiz again.

At least as another sorc I’ll enjoy more evocation and SP (2 sorcs) and more spell pen (wiz) and I will be familiar with my play style in a way that makes sense.

I’m sure my second experience with a wiz will be a lot better once I have a few more TRs in the system and I’m perfectly familiar with FvS as it is and Cleric is simply a FvS with less SP but greater potential for healing and insta-killing (no need to split points between one stat for SP and another for DC breaking like the FvS).

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind wiz – it’s just not my cup of tea yet. I do like the ability to insta kill more with a greater assortment of different spells. As a sorc and FvS you’re quite spartan. It’s good in a way since it keeps you focused on a few my very potent things, but it also narrows the bandwith on what you can do.

Take wisps for example. As a Wiz you’ll have all kind of force based spells to expire them with. As I have it now I have the Archmage magic missiles, the arcane bolt and blast and also the level 1 magic missiles. Add to that force bolts. I’ve never seen wisps die as fast. You can even add disintegration to that – an excellent way to do massive amount of damage to a wisp and as a wiz that’s ideal since untyped damage is now boosted by impulse.

As a sorc I don’t have many if any force based spells. I use cold and disintegration to deal with wisps. But disintegration is expensive and the cold damage is greatly reduced by its resistance.

On the other hand as a sorc I can destroy everything else with brutal efficiency. Like those zombies and plant monsters. As a wiz you can’t use Otto’s or disco ball and although web works fine mass hold don’t work at all. So the idea of holding and dropping an acid rain on them is a bust.

As a sorc I simply webbed and acid burst them. Hitting them with so much damage that it took maybe one or two acid burst to destroy them. All for the cheap cheap cost of using the native savant tier 3 spell.

2 different ways – 2 different results. The wiz being brutal at destroying wisps – the sorc everything else.

So as soon as I hit 20 I’m going over the edge back to sorc. Always with the plan to be better and sharper. And doing a wiz won’t hurt me one bit. In fact with the extra spell pen and Past Life: Arcane Initiate will makemy sorc will be even sharper.

See you on the other side.


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