The grind to the top, smell the thingies and off the cliff again.

So began my Christmas week and it ended quite nicely as I drove my life into the beginning of a new year.

First – the grind to the top with a wiz I’m not sure about ain’t fun (but that would be the same story about any class you’re not familiar enough with). Had it not been for some guildies raiding the level 17 madness series on Elite (something I had shamefully had to do on normal first and I was knee deep in soloing the vault when they dinged me. Even doing it after the matter and over level (I was 19 at that time) it still dropped 20kish for most of them on Elite. Sweet Jeebus.
And that brought me within knocking distance of 20. Something I knocked out doing Cannith challenges for 6-10k a piece. Now I wrote before that I would hit the TR train right off the bat and while that was indeed my ambition I noticed that I never unlocked house of K favor and therefore was left with less bank space and more toys than I could count. Plus I wasn’t entirely done with the wiz destiny either. For some reason or another I had abondoned it before I hit the last 4 points and that just couldn’t do.

Now it is true that things got better as I put on my level 20 gear and also loaded up those destiny thingies – lots more Int and all the goodies with tons of conjuration and evocation (and spell pen) which made life better. And by the time I hit the end quest in the first Epic chain (and I didn’t even do the end quest there) I hit max Wiz destiny, had all the favor I needed so I spent the next couple of hours moving stuff around and prep for my Sorc run.

I tell you – sorc is potent. And starting with 500 SP due to a large guild slot with a shard of power is sweet. That only grew more as I hit 5 and could use my archmagic ioun stone.

And without noticing I hit the strides, paces and later on as the new year daylight came closer to 4PM I hit 18 and got my third Savant PrE.

Sure; stuff still save against acid bursts – but I’ll get better and overcome that. More importantly I now have 3 very cheap and potent spells to knock something on their behinds. And it helps having enough spell pen to make a large dent on most critters. Add to that good gear – 2800 SP and within spitting distance of 20.

My goal is to spend some time to gear up for my next TR. To get most of the stuff done now so I spend less time running it later. Get bard done (destiny) and maybe something else. My hope is to run into the new year with a new purpose and also get some TOR done before 17 drops. That would sure be good.


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