Bonus no more – still blowing things up

It feels good to be good. Familiar territory is nice. Do what I do best is better. I’ve already cleared explorer in Vale and Shavarath and I’m moving towards shaving off any quest that’ll provide me with enough experience to burning through 18 and 19 and all the way to 20.

And I have plenty of quests left to do the job. Primarily because I ended up doing All lordmarch stuff on Elite (yeah – I know – I was 17 at the time but there’s no denying that those 12 and 13 level quests provide good XP) and then did some gianthold quests – again hitting 14-15k per quest eventho I was slightly over level. They’re relatively fast and the XP is good so why not. I even did the explorer while doing the walkups. And pull some wicked wraps too – cold iron and adamantine. Nothing special on them but with a little bit crafting they can turn out to be fairly useful.

In my wiz life this became a struggle. In my third sorc it feels good. The wiz selectable past life feat plus the extra spell pen helps. And when I ran Rainbow on hard in about 30 minutes I knew I had something that worked. Webs and disco balls helped keep most critters held and acid blasts together with an assortment of other spells (like disintegration on the golems) did the rest. In fact unlike with the wiz I didn’t have to waste any resources and I felt that maybe (just make) I could have done it on Elite.

And with dust done (I did it the chicken way – jumping to the ledge – had to retry 3 times before it turned up) I’m moving onto the other ones. I’m saving coal for last. I’m thinking finding someone running it on elite and get it done and over with. It’s good XP but terrible XP per minute for the 1 hour + struggle.
Compared to Rainbow who is at most time a 30 minute run with great XP for it. Which is kind of what makes me crazy sometimes figurin’ out how they set the XP.

I mean dust is everything from short to long, dependent on what tactic you use and how lucky you are in finding the books as quickly as possible. It can take a LONG time if you like me happen to find the books in the last place you look.

Sacrifice is reliably solid as medium length. There’s no books to look for or a long horrid climb like in Climb. The XP is okay but the length of the quest might stretch basic resources.

Running with Devils can for most parts be somewhat short – somewhat if you happen to have the DPS to whittle those nasties down. While rainbow have its quirk with that scepter of light and running have the issue with all that light damage, dust and coal are by far the worst ones. Not because they’re harder. Quite the opposite. There are plenty of trogs in Coal but none of them especially hard to deal with. No it’s the stupid rubber walls as you climb that bugs me. Plus having to do it twice; first up, then down then up again.

However I like Vale quests a lot more than some of the other series out there. Like Cannith – not a big fan. They’re not bad but there’s something about escort missions with one encounter of the same set of warforged after another I find mind numbingly boring.

Blowing stuff up is okay; not a very long quest but 30 seconds to set a charge over and over is boring. Schemes is not that much better. I mean they’re okay but nothing I find appealing. Then you have the madness ones out of twelve. I like those. They’re not that long, have some mechanics to them and the XP is good for the drive.
Then there’s the Shavarath ones. I’ve done genesis on Elite already so that’s good. I hope to find a good group and run the rest except a new invasion on Elite.

On the Eveningstar side you have first the harbor quests which are okay – good XP and fairly straight forward. In Evening star you have the level 17 version of those first harper quests. They’re okay but the XP ain’t so good. And not to forget in the inspired quarters you have the dreaming quests. I don’t really care for them. They’re not very long but the XP doesn’t exactly impress me much and the quests are not that fun.

These should all bring me to 20 and then I can start working on my bucket list of ‘gear’ that I’d like before they turn off the servers for good.


2 thoughts on “Bonus no more – still blowing things up

  1. patang01

    Here’s the thing; if you can’t jump to the ledge and have to do it the real thing the mental mechanics work like this.

    You can find the first book quick, but the second will be in the last place you look. And if you find the first book in the last place they’re double screwing you by allowing you to find the second almost last too.

    That’s why I rather jump to the ledge and find the second book, then suffer the curse of having to look for all books AND manage to kill a spider in the process and fail an hour later in the end.

    Been there, doing it all the time.


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