BAM! vs poff, poff

My wiz life was a lightweight grappler puncher. You know. Headlocks, submissions, kindey punches and such. Lots of holds and stabs. Death by a thousand magic missiles type play. And all was good. No really – despite my gripes. Only problem was that he ran out of juice to quick. So he couldn’t really afford the super punches. But he self healed when needed and worked that lower body like a price winner.

My current sorc life is brawler. A think looking arcane that hides a machine gun or anti-tank rocket under his robe. Scrawny as he might seem. Somewhat of a glass jaw with his 350 HP at level 18, but the size of his fists hides a lot of knuckledustin’.

I had to give up doing Asylum in the madness series as wiz. I just couldn’t poff, poff down the end boss enough while keeping the hirelings from doing something stupid like run in, get cursed and killed. The room was so small that there was no way to safely tell them to get out of dodge and do it myself.

I DDoored twice and tried 3 times. And every time the beholder had full health again and crunched my hirelings like they were bugs.

Enter my sorc on hard. It was kind of comical how quickly everything died. If they weren’t fingered then acid BAMMED. It was a constant barrage of 2900 SP worth of massive death. I took my punches. And returned with gusto.

At the end boss I set all metas to on as to boost all my spells to the max with heighten, quicken, Maximize and Empower. I was about to release the equivalent of a B-52 on the end boss.

Sure – the hirelings died. They’re like flies to a bright light when it comes to that boss and never smart enough to run away when the boss casts something nasty. Me – I just unleashed 2000 SP of cold, acid, fire (prismatic) in the rainbows multi-colored death spectrum and a minute later the ‘things’ main eye popped like a pinjata.

Cast your nasty eye tyrrant – and I’ll cast mine.


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