Why Eveningstar challenges are DOA and worthless

Cannith gives you an okay amount of mats and they’re BTA. So if one challenge is not okay with a specific class another will. Sure – there are some that are just a pain, but there’s always one class that can at least do them.

All Eveningstar mats are BTC, and some of them gives you such a piddly amount yet require lots in order to make what you want (looking at you dragon cloak).

take the golden lion one – ring of fire or something. I ran it as level 25 on a level 20 and if that was a Cannith Challenge I’d be swimming in mats. Not these. The normal 90-100 became 129. Plus it doesn’t give you a chest unless you also do all optionals (pain in the arse boss challenges). It’s worse then any of the other ones – like defending the tree. That one always gives you a chest. In fact even if you do some of the challenge bosses in ring of fire you don’t get a chest. Only if you do the random wiz one. And kill the end red dragon.

In Cannith as I mention (big thing) all mats are BTA, all bosses gives you a chest and you feel accomplished for the pain.

Eveningstar; not so much. There are only a few true named items (cloaks) and the rest and randomized junk.

You’d hope Turbine would get it and never make BTC mats. Cause I thought I would run it 5 over level and get at least 200 mats out of it, but when I got 129 I felt like never doing it again. I’d like the ML 24 cloak but I guess I can manage without it. Thanks Turbine for making a bunch of challenge quests that feels like a punishment to do. Kind of like running 2 wilderness just to do one Cannith raid. If you get what I mean.


2 thoughts on “Why Eveningstar challenges are DOA and worthless

  1. TorGrimorde

    Yep, I really want a cloak, but the amount of materials you get have just completely put me off running them. Yet I run Cannith challenges quite happily, quite regularly

  2. BlueSilence

    Eveninstar challenges items are lacking, that’s true. Specially the random generated items, having to work that much and not knowing if you will get what you want/need for your effort. In a sense, it’s cheaper to get something from a Broker or even the Auction House.

    Personally, I found most E Challenge (relatively) easy to farm solo with a full ice Draconic Incarnation wizard (do wonders in Ring of Fire) but like you said, ings are BtC so my others chars may not be that lucky. I got the ML 16 Dragon Cloak for next life and will upgrade eventually.

    My guess is that they may add better rewards for the trouble running those challenges, perhaps a matter of waiting.


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