The new midwinter game is a hot mess.

I can understand tokens. Take the tokens of the traveller. You collect something around a visable track that’s up for a limited time. The track doesn’t change however so once you find an optimal one it’s all good. There’s also a definate end. Once you collect the ultimate amount you can stop. Return, get your end reward and revell in the meh.

I understand the Risia game; collect coins. Figure out the optimal course, pickup the right coins, turn in and enjoy the meh. Maybe you just got the right recipe to make the meh better. Like putting ice burst on a nice random item.

In fact I understand all games, or optionals. Pirate Cove, help the kobolds collect to profit and turn in for gear. Same with Mabar. The meh is proportionate to the use – you don’t like it – don’t play.

But I don’t understand the hot mess that is the Midwinter games.

A track that always changes. It doesn’t really matter how much you collect. I once collected a huge amount (so I think) – like 700. And I recieved a fire resistance 1. That’s right. I did the whole track for the entire time, collected purple snow flakes and tiny ones and came away with a tiny scrolls. Kind of like spending my entire time collecting purple coins in the harbor and recieve the first scroll over and over. Or maybe even a bunch of coal.

Point is this; with a constantly changing track and with no optimal rout or goal it’s just a mess. You don’t know what’s good – in fact it doesn’t seem to matter. And in the end you can only put these on armor. That’s right. Is there anyone that use a no named armor at level 25? I mean the ultimate 120 glacial spell point can only go on armor. Hand held weapons don’t work in the altar and don’t work with the Risia game scrolls. So there you are wasting real money (20 TP per token) to get a bunch of scrolls that only goes on armor. Fire and cold resist? Max is 30 and you already get that from guild ships and spells. So not useful.

+10 exceptional? That means trading your armor (or shield) to add to it? Is it really that important to give up a named shield or armor for? And 120 glacial spell power? Give up a named armor or shield just to add that tiny inflexibility?

Now I could understand maybe a hand held weapon. Like a scepter. Or clothing; say belt, helmet or something like that? But armor or shields only?

So I would spend real money to get mostly resist scrolls (I’ve pulled only 3 scrolls that increase glacial and only scrolls lower the 84 which means no better then the one I can pull doing the Risia for free) – resists no one will use. And why would I?

These things aren’t even useful if I TR. Glacial now increase ML. So I can’t start out with say a 78 spell power armor. And what do I need 30 fire or cold resist when I already have resists from the guild ship?

I just don’t understand this midwinter game. By limiting it to so few gear slots and by increasing ML with higher spell power this pay to play scheme is useless. It provides nothing better then what I can pull or play for free and with such a limited scale of use I would be a fool for paying real money to pay it.

Risia is at least useful. You play it for free (time only) and it provides a clear benefit to items. Sure – now glacial will increase ML but it won’t cost you a penny to do it. Max is 78 but so be it. And you can still ice burst any random weapon for free.

Turbine could’ve skipped this entirely. It smells like the frustrating Eveningstar challenges and is even more limited in scope and I refuse to waste my time over something with little benefits and murky process. I’m going to spend my time in the harbor instead. Adding ice damage to a host of different beneficial items. Like ML 2 handwraps with bleeding and slicing on them. Those wraps will be great TR gear. Or the ML 4 bleeding of slicing greatsword I found. A few more items like that and I will have a bankful of good leveling weapons.


5 thoughts on “Meh

  1. Shindurza

    I ran the track once, was rather unimpressed, probably won’t run it again since I went back for the “free” skates and found that I had to pay motes for them. I went and ran an Epic Normal Servants of the Overlord and collected 72 whites and 1 blue coin. I can turn those in and probably get a nice chunk of motes (and some garbage) and I got loot(shard included, useless one, but a shard) and XP to boot instead of bopping around ramps and ski jumps and such 🙂 Meh is right!

  2. pokeoutyoureardrums

    For me it is incredibly useful, but not for the reason you would think.

    My gf thinks it’s awesome, and I receive far less waggro when she thinks something on there is cool and likes to watch.

    For that reason alone I am thankful for the games.

  3. BlueSilence

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like that there are events like this and wish you all fun if you are going to participate.

    As for myself, I find no motivation in running the different games, not even the polar bear or glaciation 120… if I read it right it can only be added to armors or shields.

    So yeah… Meh :p

  4. auntjobiska

    I take my 4 tokens per day (not buying any others), run up and down the track 4 times just for the 400 – 500 motes I get with my woeful lack of jump skill. They then go into the pool with risia motes for use in icy burst upgrades. Same amount-ish for 5 mins as I would get for an hour in the harbour. Did I mention I am really poor at jumping?



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