Like a car crash, I couldn’t stop watching

It’s not true that I can’t stop watching a car crash; I generally try not too. Maybe to look at how messed up the cars involved are but my eyes generally don’t look for anything other then frontal, side and rear damage (and only quickly). That type of drama doesn’t transfix me.

But when it comes to life I do very few things. I interact with the other biological forms in our family unit (Hi, don’t do that, please do that and yes dear), I play WOT (but less so lately because of the poor MM and crop of stupid), watch a very few shows and bunch of movies (less TV – it’s like asking your brain to go into torpor) and I play DDO.

Last night I did some basic Eveningstar runs to flag my Sorc for Caught in the web (I’m looking at you twilight) and after that I started watching a Bollywood movie starring a dude in a constume calling himself the Mask.

BTW – he called himself Bruce Lee when he wasn’t the mask since he really liked Kung Fu.

It was something like 2 hours plus of transfixing, car crash non stop worthy mess. And yes – they sang and danced too.

I’m starting to believe that netflix together with ipad and watching something before going to bed is a bad idea. I mean I was supposed to get up early and here I am after 11 PM still watching something that was so bad and so corny that you truly have to be ‘into’ stuff like this to get it.

Just imagine what those 2 hours could have flagged for my sorc?

Imagine the time spent doing something better – like knitting, cleaning out the car, taking down the plastic christmas tree or even collecting rat droppings.

I’m all for really bad Sci Fi movies and such – but this. Well this is a category best left alone in my movie library.


5 thoughts on “Like a car crash, I couldn’t stop watching

  1. Samiusbot

    I got a second screen for my PC and i use it to watch Netflix a lot of the time. Anytime i am soloing (which i do a lot of the time) i am most likely watching something.

  2. patang01

    I’m not sure I can multi-task DDO by watching movies and play a good game at the same time. You’re a better man than I am.

  3. BlueSilence

    In a sense, I can relate. I’m not too familiar with Bollywood to be honest but somehow I feel I might now what movie you are talking about… but sometimes it is better to let sleeping bad movies lie.

  4. Silken-Akira

    Sadly enough I can relate. at home only my wife doesn’t has the “look something is moving on the screen” gene. Worst thing this usually means is that when we get invited by friends or family and they the tv playing for background atmosphere, which I always find hard to figure out why this is a concept that someone would think of that adds to the atmosphere (instead of music for example), Myself, my daughter and now even my year and a half old son will only answer with huhu, mmm and can you repeat that.

  5. Ratso33

    I was wondering just how extensive is your rat droppings collection ? Do you keep them in mylar to keep them fresh ?


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