I always get what I want, but never what I really want. Isn’t that the code of life? If you think about and work hard for it, it never happens but everything else shows up – that girl 30 years past hotness (with with a teenage brati tow that insist on giggling when ‘it’ plays with a lighter and she think ‘is so your son’), the dog that ran away but now has returned from the wild and fancy humans as the other ‘pork’ or the car keys that belongs to someone you vaguely remember from an out of town meeting and left a note ‘call me’ (and your wife finds them). You know – stuff. Like +8 intelligence when all you need is Charisma and its an end reward too so it’s BTC.

That’s why I hit Rift and never finished but shrined up in the end, recalled, reset and went in again. Except this time I wasn’t so happy about it because my hireling decided to derp out at the end fight and look at those funky mushrooms instead of healing me (result dead as a door nail). They do that sometimes. I think they’re ‘blocked’. The new terrain in places like demonweb kind of act like mountains eventhough they’re barely bumps. I’ve noticed that when I fire off spells. Sometimes what seems to be perfect line of sight just fizzes out and nothing happens.

So I jump and shoot – kind of like a basketball player but with nasty spells. What’s that game in Harry Potter? This game ain’t broomsticks chasing a flyin’ ball. This one comes with a green ball of acid and the receiving end is forming the words’ OOOOOOOOOOh shhhhh…..’

Anyways – farming isn’t fun. But we do it because we seek perfection. Will I look good in that Planar conflux with +3 insightful Charisma? Heck yeah – that with +1 exceptional Charisma item and the spiderweb robe thingy with +8 Charisma makes for mucho good looks.

Personally I wonder just how dazzling my guy must seem when he fires off his spell. I mean. Like flinging his hair back, glinting smiling teeth and a twinkle in his eyes when he evaporates things.

That’s why Wizards have all that wrinkled skin and big beards – for them it’s all about intelligence and dry latin. ‘THOUGH SHALT NOT PASS!!!!’

I’m all like ‘GAAAZAAAM – taste my LAZOR!!!!’

Come to think of it – my guy must always be like that Bollywood movie I watched the other day. One minute he’s painting the dark with a rainbow of death and in the next the discoballs are going off and he breaks into dance and singing.

Quelle horrour.


2 thoughts on “Farmvillian

  1. Micki

    🙂 I don’t farm for stuff unless the chances of getting it are high enough, and if I don’t get at least some of the stuff I want in a few runs, I don’t bother. Although, I could try to ransack some chests and see.. never done that.


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