Logic, real and unreal

Logic exist in many shapes and forms. Logic out of a pure mathematical form would be as simple as 1’s and 0’s. Yes or no – true or false.

Logic in the real and unreal world is more philosophical – I mean it isn’t. Pure logic dictates a true or false status just like in math, but the reality is that we operate under a lot of mebee’s and sure, why not. In other words we’d like it to be true or false but given a choice we’d eat that cute neighbor in the case of some kind of great apocalypse.

What I’m saying is this – we ‘understand’ the ‘logic’ behind something, but it still feels wrong.

So lets talk ‘logic’. Like BTA, unbound or BTC. I think in DDO this is the most confusing arbitrary feature of logic you can come across. First – it’s driven by math. If we leave it unbound then X will happen in Y timeframe. Apparently bad. Although the most powerful items like GS can be made using unbound mats, put in a BTC shard and molded into a BTC on equip item or weapon so it becomes a powerful BTC level 11 item or level 12 weapon.

So far so good right? On the other hand you have Pirate Cove and Cannith. There the mats are by large BTA. Perfect. And you can either upgrade a lower ML item or make one outright. Complete flexibility. Max upgraded items become BTC, otherwise they remain BTA. Super. Then we have Mabar and Eveningstar – here you can only get a higher item by upgrading the lower. So if you want the ML 16 you first have to make 8, 12 until you get it. Some mats are unbound (Mabar) everything else is BTC. Lots of limitations.

So what logic are we using here?

And for that matter – look at the state of items. Raid loot BTC, named loot below 20 BTA. Okay – seems logical. Yet in Red Fen all named stuff is BTC. ML 7 stuff. New Evenstar – by large more powerful then anything before it – all BTC on equip except for the end rewards except for the end rewards from the new Harper quests. The end reward is BTC on equip.

Now we’re talking about loot that is more powerful then say most other named stuff including challenge loot.

And you don’t have to own the FR expansion to get this loot – but you need to own say Red Fen in order to get the ML 7 BTC stuff.

Okay – for the love of unreal and real logic. Can we just get this mess straightened out?

See – ‘logic’ whether it’s true or false would be one answer to a specific question. Such as all named BTC. Not logical in the true and false sense but logical in a human consistent way.

Likewise all random items unbound. Period. However logically we now have unbound for most, BTC on equip for really special random stuff.

Kind of like why do people leave the cook timer on a microwave oven on 1-3 seconds left so when you use it next you first have to clear the timer. Why not wait the full time – like something would combust into dust or implode if you waited that 1-3 seconds more.

My suggestion have always been unbound for all materials. I mean what’s the basic differense between a large devils scale (important feature of the most powerful ‘named’ items in the game). Meanwhile Golden gobblets are BTA – yet anyone can play them. Sure – none VIP get 1 token per day whereas VIP’s get unlimited tries. Apparently however there’s something absolutely super about Toadstoles. You can’t even give them away to someone else. It’s like premium reward that goes to the most shittiest rewards. Some of them are so randomly horrible that stuff I can buy from the AH is far better.

Make ALL material unbound. I find it ‘logical’ that shards are BTC (shroud). So anyone making fully upgraded GS stuff still need to pull shards. Just make shards more flexible. Like combine 3 small to a large and 3 large into a supreme. Or to cut a supreme in half for 2 large or 4 regular shards etc. So that you can combine the stuff and take up less space in your bank and to add some flexibility when it’s hard to pull something.

Make ALL randomly pulled items below level 20 unbound, all named raid items BTA and all named items BTA on equip. Above 20 make all raid stuff BTC and all named BTC on equip. It doesn’t matter if it was pulled from a chest or from the end reward list. I mean what is the end reward list anyways compared to a chest in a quest? It’s just the end reward giver giving you a bunch of stuff to pick from right?

So why all named (none raid) items BTA on equip? Because the most powerful ones above level 20 is BTC on equip. Are you telling me that a ML 7 item is somehow ‘bad’ for the economy when the seals out of the drow city is that much more powerful and can be sold on the AH?

Add everything to the economy – who cares if say x person runs a billion ring of fires and lets someone buy the stuff to make a random piece of rat dropping when that random piece of rat dropping is no better then some 10k plat random item pulled from a chest or often below the iconic green steel stuff?

Likewise who cares if the runes on a dragontouch are all unbound or BTA if you still have to get the BTC armor to put them on? Let the economy free from silly arbitrary constraints. Most people can only run things x hours a day anyways so putting BTC barriers around crappy stuff just to force everyone to run certain quests for limited level pieces is silly. Do everyone one of my alts have to have 40 slots of redundant garbage because there are 1 billion unique and crappy ring of venom out there that I just can’t give anyone because it’s tied to my aura or something?

Likewise – I have this rottening bunch of toadstoles in my bag, I can sell the large devilscales (smoke and a pancake), I can give my soul alts the jade scorpions but I cannot for the life of me get rid of the moss OR those planar coins. I just need to keep them on every single alt.

Sure – it is a rant – and I keep coming back to it. But logic is like that. If it ain’t true or false or for that matter accepted concept then it’s just plain wonky. And I cannot get that out of my skull – just as I don’t understand people who put back empty milk containers into the fridge or refuse to take the last cookie and keep breaking off pieces from it, but never hesitated to take 3 when there was 4 left.


5 thoughts on “Logic, real and unreal

  1. Samiusbot

    Thing is different things and systems are made by different people at different places in the game life cycle.

    Does it bother me? Yes.
    Does it bother me that some people/devs don’t seem to really understand the players that they are building for? Yes

    But as much as a stack of cards as this game is most of the time, i will deal with it.

  2. patang01


    I get what you’re saying, but I don’t ‘get it’. Because like with most people there are the things we have to deal with because that’s how it is but it’s still something that ‘ain’t right’.

  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    BTC should simply go away. Period. That being entirely unlikely to happen, I agree that there needs to be some consistency. It seems like they change loot rules with every update…

    And yes, I can understand it for raid items or named items, but BtC still needs to go away. Make it the exception, not the rule. But it shouldn’t matter that I got an item with Character A, if Character B can use it more – they’re both my characters, I did all the work to get the item, and I should be able to use it wherever I bloody well want to.

    Also, I stop the microwave timer with 1 second left because i hate the “Beeep beeeep beeeep beeeep beeep beeeep”. But I also clear the timer afterward.

  4. Kydrou

    I’ll try to explain some things:
    1.-Economy spawns from scarcity, and how much is people willing to pay, in a virtual reality, to either: save time, or acquire both utilities, neccessities, or commodities normally acquirable by different sources.

    2.-Binding items is there only to encourage playerbase to play specific content. BTA?(ex: Most Runearms) Run it once, maybe twice. BTC? (Voice of the Master) Run it on every character you want to have said item. BOE?(ex:Stonedust Handwraps) Choose a character you want to have the item and keep it. BOA?(ex: Shard of Xoriat) Item is probably made that way so you can’t sell it.

    3.-Bound ingredients are like such for a reason. a)Epic Shards or Tokens: so True Druidic Hearts of Wood aren’t sold for crumbs. TR should be earned. b)challenge ingredients: so everyone plays the content; many challenges can be easily farmed and most ingredients traded for missing ones. c)Shroud Shards: Do you imagine if every n00b out there was packed of items made for the playerbase that makes an effort? And later blamed YOU on how did the party wipe, after all his “m4d 5ki115” and “3p1c l0075”? No thanks.

    I think BTA, BTC, BOE and BOA all have their use, and worth.
    Sure, many items are not worth the Automatic Binding (such as some VoN and ADQ accessories with nothing but skill bonuses) but there are many that deserve such treatment (like Sword of Shadow, and Cannith Boots of Propulsion).

  5. malinza2

    Quite a long rant and logical at times πŸ˜€ You need to remember that Turbine is a business and selling inventory/bank space is good for them and also for us to keep the game going. I remember a thread in forums where people implored them for more space to be sold. Thumbs up for that! πŸ™‚


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