Taking it in the ring of fire

Level 20 playing 27- 166 kills. 122 mats. No chest.

There’s been many update since the Eveningstar challenges went live and the ‘adjustments’ continue. So what’s wrong with these BTC challenges compared to say Cannith? Lets not pretend that being a level 20 playing 27 would yeild this abyssmal amount. Try 2-5 levels over your toons level and you’re richly rewarded.

No wonder I never have the energy to work on that cloak. Because every time I’m rewarded by the feeling that they don’t really want me to play this. I contrast that with my last Cannith run. Going in on level 25 – coming back out with 600 epic mats. And also – I can buy outright an item at the level I want. I don’t have to first run for the ML 16 cloak, then upgrade that to the level 20 and then upgrading that to the level 24. You’d think someone at Turbine would go – so they like the way Pirate cove and Cannith work and they don’t really like the way Mabar works? Lets make an even worse function then and we call it the Eveningstar challenges.

I think I’ll waste my time lootin’ underdark instead.


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